Future of radio

I think the article actually explains what GM are proposing with a native OS quite well. They see Android Auto and Apple Car Play as a stepping stone but not the end goal. That’s what I think too.

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My Mazda 2 didn’t originally have Apple CarPlay,lucky the factory sound system it has was able to be upgraded.CarPlay is just as good as having a DAB radio,I have plenty of listening options.


Don’t know if it’ll get up, but further to my last post about the removal of AM radio from cars, an AM radio for every car Act has been introduced to the US congress, with support from the FCC & the NAB ( same as our CRA), more info here: https://radioink.com/2023/05/17/am-for-every-vehicle-act-introduced-in-congress/?vgo_ee=s4ah5LZNDMV%2FPxrbaITuy8BfJW%2BetQEskNJxsBdcOqqBxH%2FLs1I%3D%3A67mAJhdTxQk1%2BshRNIWDBG9OmmdGx2%2F%2B&fbclid=IwAR330tlLzoC7owvMVTOYmUzv426vMQmqYzv3as25xAUIMo5uM3tOMa9Vuz8


If you wanted to be pro-consumer, require each car to ship with a DIN slot that is correctly wired to allow an aftermarket headunit, both for providing an option for the inevitability of the shift to those stupid large screens resulting in near unusable functionality after software updates stop and none of the services work; and choice of radio reception options.


Ford have backflipped on removing AM radio from their cars, they will reinstall AM to cars not yet delivered & to existing EV’s that don’t currently have AM radio they will do a online software update & turn AM radio on.


Excellent news!

AM still has a purpose other bands can’t fulfil, particularly in country areas.


Is it true an EV causes too much interference for AM or this is an excuse? If i ever get to ride in an EV must bring a pocket am radio and compare to a petrol car.


So the circuitry was always there for AM radio, they’ve just disabled it?! Seems even poorer form than simply not providing for it at all


Maybe it was there to add in some kind of bundled technology subscription plan at some point, like BMW tried to do with Apple CarPlay (ie. charge an annual subscription for something that should be free).