Future of Mocks Section - Discussion

A voting/ranking system would be good. There are too many poor “mocks” thrown together and these need to somehow be filtered out.


TV Live Forum also has a policy where you need at least 30 posts in order to post a new mock - as a logged in user you can look at and comment on mocks, but you can’t post a mock of your own.


I think the benefit of mocks is that they provide an outlet for people to show their creativity. However, I can understand why mods want to restrict/close them as they don’t provide much conversation.

But I also think that if you’re wanting to create more conversation and discussion, discussion threads for news and current affairs items is the best way to go. Look at all the traffic on the covid threads (the only downside is all the arguments on there, but I’m sure it can be managed). The alternative would be more niche discussion on media (television, radio and print) matters.


If there is content that engages a conversation, I’m all for it.
However endless (in-depth) day-by-day mock schedules / fake tv networks that don’t generate any / very little engagement, need to go.

If someone has enough content which warrants their own thread in the mock section (eg. dozens of designs for one project), I think they should have to inbox an admin for approval first. Otherwise leave it in the random mocks section.
And if someone wants to make their own fake tv network, have ONE go at it. Post your schedule and designs in the initial post and then leave it. We don’t need daily updates on scheduling and updated graphics.


Another idea could be to lock a user generated mock thread after 1 week. This gives them ample time to receive feedback from other users and stops continuous updates. If they want to update their thread after 1 week with some new material based on user feedback, then inbox a moderator and prove your point to have it unlocked for another week.

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The main topics that I’d like to see retained would be a “Graphics Mocks” and “Tongue In Cheek Mocks”. I think they could be accommodated in the Spy lounge section.

Also worth looking at Mock Schedules that is in the General Television area. Perhaps it should be moved into the Spy lounge as well. If members want to propose a fantasy TV schedules/station that should be able to accomodate. Either way it could be part of the discussion.


Mock Schedules is an interesting one.

I remember back in 2005 to about 2010, there were some fairly interesting discussions as to where Australian networks might house their new US dramas and what nights would work best etc as well as working in local content. That was FTA tv at its last real hurrah, although we probably didn’t quite know it at the time.

Now, schedules mean virtually nothing - they can be tossed out, changed, revamped in the blink of an eye.

I’m not saying whether that thread should stay or go, but I would contest that a Mock Schedule is rather meaningless in how FTA TV is run and consumed in 2021.


The discussion of ideas is a big part of what this forum is about. Making a mock is just another form of expressing an idea about something that you think should be improved or implemented with a current channel, production or brand. A better logo, a cleaner presentation, a consistent look and feel.

In my opinion, it crosses the line when a mock forms part of a greater fantasy. A world where you play pretend CEO and create things that don’t really fit into reality. That’s where I lose interest and I don’t particularly like Media Spy being associated with stuff like that.


The reason why those measures have been introduced is to reduce the number of ‘low quality’ mocks that get posted. While it hasn’t completely eliminated such mocks, it does reduce the problem.

The difference between TV Live Forum and Media Spy is the former has a dedicated section where users either make a new post for substantive mocks or have one thread where all of their mocks go. That works because a voting system is in place so someone who visits the section can sort the good from bad. By contrast, the voting system would be harder to implement here on Media Spy when mocks are centralised into one or two threads.

Going a bit off-topic here but the question about how to broaden the appeal of a media industry forum (which is seemingly the aim) is a tricky one.

To be honest, I’m not sure whether it can be done without changing the direction of the forum itself.

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I feel like a decline in quality and amount of posters isn’t necessarily just isolated to mock threads.


I think we need more info from the mods on this one. If you want a discussion, please provide a discussion document outlining the issues, the ideals (where you think it should be) and some options on how the future might look for the section.

I agree the imaginary networks section has grown like an invasive weed species, but I see no harm in it. I think perhaps the members who make these should confine themselves to the Imaginary Networks Thread rather than having thread after thread of what amounts to a game. Perhaps someone could develop an app for them?

I like making random and tongue-in-cheek mocks, it is a creative outlet and it gets a few laughs. It helps make the world a slightly happier place, which I think we should be cultivating that, not pruning it.

Are you trying to silo the content on MS? Wouldn’t removal of specific threads lead to mocks being spread across various threads, here and there? Is that the ideal?

I think if there were a defined structure it might be an improvement, but you’ll never stop amateurish posts and nor should you. We all start from somewhere.


There isnt any more information to give you - this is an opportunity for members (especially those who participate in the mocks section) to help guide the future of the section. We could make a decision on its future without this feedback, but it would have been a binary one (either to keep or remove), whereas the feedback we’ve got so far has given us some ideas about what we can do to make improvements.


15 years ago that is exactly how things were done around here so full credit to the team for asking for feedback. It is awesome to see.

Personally I’m not interested in mock schedules, sets and presenters. I enjoy the tongue in cheeks topic and I also love seeing mock openers and graphics.

For a while there was an issue with the same people posting low quality crap but I can’t remember seeing much of that lately (at least not in the topics I look at) so I guess those people got the hint.

I wouldn’t want to see this area go away completely but understand if some of it needs to go. There are some very talented people who post mocks and as long as I can see their work in some form I will be happy.


I think also for the design aspect for moving forward it needs to be related to digital/TV/Radio branding and not random products or logos that have nothing in relation to media.

I’m seeing a fair bit of this and whilst it may be good work, it’s not really on topic with the forum.


Wait… would that mean the end of mocks like this? This was a great mock from our very own @Biscuit45


It’s not media related though. It’s great but the overall conversation doesn’t really fit in with a Hungry Jacks branding update or a packet of tea.

This is about media and people are more likely to react and engage with a media mock.


Why not have a separate “Branding Mocks” and “Television Mocks” then?
I don’t see an issue with people wanting to be creative in other areas from television, but it might make sense to split them up.


Sure, I have no issues with that at all!

It seems as though there is the idea of condensing the size the mocks take up on the forum though.

And then to say branding, well branding is a loose term that then covers TV too - Nine branding etc.

This all , how much it is wanting to be policed really.


It sounds like from the discussion here the outcomes will either be condensing and/or heavier moderation of the Mocks section? I guess the question (and sorry if I’m saying the quiet part out loud here guys) is do the Mods really have the time/energy/desire to more heavily police that part of the forum.

When we deleted the Personalities section a decade or more ago it was to weed out some of the far less desirable topics of discussion and, dare I say, members from this forum by removing their dark little corner from the site. It also meant the mods didn’t have to waste their time trawling threads outside their areas of interest just to keep things clean (and believe me they needed some cleaning).

I’m more a stranger now to the Mocks section but I agree that it gave a good creative outlet for some, and while there were some amateurish attempts in there it wasn’t a bad thing having it. There were some really good members who provided some constructive feedback and helped people improve on something they were passionate about (because let’s be honest, you’re not spending your spare time drawing up fake TV promos if you’re not at least a little keen). There were also some seriously impressive bits of work within it.

So I’d be a vote to keep it in at least some form, but like with the personalities, maybe condensing and/or integrating it better into the main forums might assist with improving what goes on in there, and making it easier to keep an eye on. But as I say I’m probably not best qualified to comment on the issues these days, just my 2c from many years lurking here :+1:


I think you have a point, but also think that when people who are new at this and want some feedback they should get that feedback so that can improve, otherwise you are just limiting their own learning. As a design skill it does take time. So the forum should be open for low quality mocks who are looking to seek improvement. Everyone has to start somewhere?

Maybe combine Mock Designs and have all the mockTV schedules and networks in one place? It would provide some traffic. Maybe thats one approach you could go to? I am not sure how young the audience is here, as I’m 36 lol (well 37 next year) so maybe for those of us who are fans of mocks creations in any form (presentation design, tv schedule, tv network creation) can be somewhat mentors to guide the newbies. Combining the old with the new?
Could be one angle to go.

The discsusion I have noticed in terms of mocks and critcisim of peoples mock design has been bad quality of late, and i think in order to combat the feedback that has been somewhat combative, is to have some guidlines in what the feedback should contain (e.g constructive about the work itself).

I think overall the forum is fine, but i think Mock should contain everything in the bread and butter column. (Mock Designs should include TV schedules, User Created TV Networks, (as we are seeing on here at this forums). I feel if we have all those combined it could bring some more traffic.
I am not sure how much traffic you are basing the change on and whether forums have decreased in popularity for that section, but any change is probably a good change to drive some buzz.


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