It was a really good conversation. I liked the set and the variety of guests. If anything it was edited a bit too much. They could have let it breathe and run for another 10 minutes. You could feel where the edits were in the conversation.

All in all though a great first show, and this is the sort of content the ABC should absolutely be making.

From the perspective of ABC programming, Frankly does not turn and face the stranger: it’s a familiar format and the safest of safe choices. Contrary to Kelly’s own words, Frankly is, absolutely, your everyday chatshow. And the selection of Kelly as host clearly indicates this production is not – as they say in TV parlance – a “reach driver”, aiming to extend ABC viewership beyond people who weren’t alive the day Jesus was crucified.


Frankly is being repeated Sunday nights 6:30pm.

Episode 2: 14 October

Guests: Em Rusciano, screenwriter Hannah Carroll Chapman, renewable electricity advocate Dr Saul Griffith, plus music from Mulga Bore Hard Rock.

Most of the criticism was about a talk show being given to a journalist rather than a comic. The ABC being way too safe (boring) when it comes to content, not her age.

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Age was definitely a factor in the commentary and in many respects, it’s a fair criticism, the ABC cannot complain about struggling to attract younger viewers when they don’t bother considering the production of content that they might actually watch. The number and range of voices promoted by the ABC are shrinking rapidly.

The ABC is increasingly coming across as being a fiefdom to a select few that has to be defended no matter the cost - tripe like this article does nothing to shake that.

Shows with some “young hosts” on ABC in recent times include: Courtney Act’s One Plus One, The Set with Dylan Alcott and Win The Week. They didn’t rate all that flash.

With Frankly, I have watched both episodes. They’ve been okay so far. But the show is “too safe” and too simplistic.

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100% - i tuned in to see Kirsten Banks (I follow her on Tik Tok) and it felt real rushed. i feel like they could have dropped a guest and given the other 2 extra time.

Look at the author. I like PK as a host - Radio national breakfast is bookmarked on my work pc and i listen to stories off it every morning, and the party room is a great podcast - which she co-hosts with Fran. I think the problem is that PK is too close to Fran to be objective.

No one is saying she’s too old (that ive seen). the issue is that the show is too tight, too edited and it has no space to explore. if i was the producer, we would drop down to 2 guests per week and give them time - or look at expanding to 45 mins


The ABC has provided a sneak peek of tonight’s episode 3.

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Starting this Friday, Frankly is being extended to 40 minutes from the original 30. There were a number of comments of not enough time in the early episodes.


Episode 4 - October 28

Another really good episode tonight.

Does she have stand ups or musical performances

There will be musical performance from time to time. For example, Colin Hay will perform on this week’s show.

Other guests include Wil Anderson and biomedical engineer Jordan Nguyen.

Season Final on Friday 25 November

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