Foxtel Music Channels

Given it is almost 18 months since the removal of the Foxtel operated music channels, im keen to hear everybody’s opinion on the new offering.

Ive given the new channels a go however still continually find myself disappointed and missing the initial channels, in particular Max

The variety of music, depth of countdowns with songs not heard since the 80s/90s, AV, and even the on air presentation was vastly superior and seems a disappointing substitute

I don’t understand the purpose of NickMusic personally (we have it over here on Sky). If kids want to listen to music, what’s stopping them from just looking up their favorites on their devices rather than waiting during the channel’s 6-hour automated music blocks? Shame you guys have to lose V for it. That looked like a great channel.

At least you guys still have MTV Classic though. They replaced it over here with MTV 80s and while the variety of music is decent enough there’s only so many times you can hear the same 80s songs repackaged into different music blocks.

I despise the newer channels. The local flavour is gone.


I barely ever flick over to them anymore, echoing @EuroKick, they could really be channels on any pay television service anywhere in the world. There’s no identity, no personality, no difference to putting on a YouTube playlist, really. But then I feel like you could say that about all of Foxtel’s channels, since they started the Foxification in late 2019, the whole service really is a shadow of its former self these days.


Yes I have sampled and everytime I do (particularly with MTV Classic) I find myself going stuff this because they tend to play too many weak American Only hits that never gaind traction in Australia.

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That’s what I find. I give it a go and then quickly give up in disgust. Songs are typically repetitive and the picture quality is noticeably worse than before, most of the time not even getting the ratio correct

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The MTVAus channel that they had in November was amazing. Sadly it’s flicked back to MTV Club.

The gym I go to has these on pretty much all the time. NickMusic makes my ears bleed (even when I’m listening to my own music!) and the other ones are a bit meh. Would rather have the old ones back.