Foxtel 2024

Wish they would hurry up with hubbl- info was supposed to be released Q4 this year according to media releases from May.

My TV is giving up the ghost and I’m reluctant to replace it as I want to see the hubbl tv. Of course with the fox crap on it I expect it to be sky glass but worse


Q4 is 1 April to June 30 so they’re still on time.

Hubbl will launch in mid 2024.

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February 14.

:camera_flash: Look at this post on Facebook Foxtel's Hubbl launch: Binge and Kayo Sports subs moving soon


Two different spellings in the article. lol. I suspect this is going to be happening a lot.

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Wait so Binge and Kayo are going?

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No, Streamotion is just rebranding as Hubbl with Kayo/Binge subs becoming Hubbl subscriptions (but for Kayo or Binge).

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