Fox Sports


Relax it’s only for a week. They did the same last year.

Fox Sports have really dropped the ball on Motorsport to be honest, dropping IndyCar to ESPN and the WEC to Eurosport. Also Supercars programming keeps getting cut back and there’s no sign of that Motorsport 360 show they were promising all the way back in 2014.


And the week before Bathurst


Immediately after the GP is finished I wouldn’t mind betting 506 becomes The Masters channel.


A much needed refresh of the on the couch set to start off season 2018 on fox footy.


I saw that!

They were nearly all armchairs… only 1 couch.

It should be called “The Armchairs”, not “The Couch”


saw a promo on Fox Footy today for the Masters Channel, it will be on 507. 506 is Fox’s motor sports channel. Why don’t Foxtel set up a dedicated 24/7 golf channel like overseas, it will free up other Fox Sports channels for more worthwhile sports. I’m sure that Fox would have enough content for such a channel.


“More worthwhile sports”

You mean, sports that you are a fan of?


I’m not happy with Fox Sports lack of coverage of the great sport of farnarkling


As long as they retain the ball-tampering rights I’m happy.


Does that involve jock-cam?



Speaking of the ball-tampering scandal, Fox Sports News have been pretty much in rolling coverage mode for the last 4 hours at least. Can’t recall this sort of coverage ever happening in the days where it was run by Fox Sports themselves.


It’s the first major scandal I can recall them covering since the ANC takeover.



  • Unprecedented Coverage Of Women’s Sport in 2018

  • Foxtel Broadcasts 90% Of All Women’s Sport On Australian TV

  • New Partnership With Gymnastics Australia Announced

  • 25 Female Presenters On Fox Sports

  • 16 Shows Hosted By Female Presenters

A host of current and former female sporting stars, representatives from sports codes and politicians came together this morning at Parliament House, Canberra, to celebrate women’s sport and women in sport at the FOX SPORTS’ ‘Dare to Dream’ event.

FOX SPORTS is at the forefront of women’s sport – providing a platform to showcase these incredible athletes and help grow codes and competitions as well as leading the way for female sports presenters.

Former greats Lauren Jackson and Leisel Jones, along with current stars Simona de Silvestro, Ellia Green and Sam Bremner were some of the athletes who attended today’s event hosted by FOX SPORTS’ presenters Yvonne Sampson, Kel Underwood and Jess Yates.

The event showcased how FOX SPORTS will provide further opportunities to female athletes and those working in the media as the network builds towards its biggest year of women’s coverage yet.

Foxtel will show 90 per cent of all women’s sport on Australian TV, four times more than all free-to-air networks combined.

An increased line-up will deliver the biggest year of coverage yet. More than 60 codes and competitions will be shown across FOX SPORTS’ channels in 2018 providing a platform to help grow women’s sport and creating pathways for young girls to follow their dreams.

In 2018 FOX SPORTS will continue to champion females on screen. A record 25 female presenters will feature across our sport’s coverage and will host 16 entertainment shows and live match day broadcasts.

In further support for women working in sport, FOX SPORTS this month became the first media organisation to become White Ribbon Accredited. Over the past two years FOX SPORTS has built a work environment that promotes awareness around violence against women using the opportunity to make an impact among its employees and viewers.

Foxtel CEO, Patrick Delany, outlined FOX SPORTS ongoing commitment to providing women’s sport a platform to grow and prosper.

“In 2018, FOX SPORTS and the Australian Government are making sure there are more pathways, more opportunities for young girls to dare to dream.

“Dream about becoming the next Erin Phillips running out on the MCG, the future Lauren Jackson representing her country or perhaps join Simona De Silvestro competing in the same field as her male competitors.

“Our plans for women’s sport and those who lead the way on and off the screen won’t be a token effort. It will be real and it will make a difference.

“Foxtel and FOX SPORTS, harnessing the reach of News Corp, will help grow the profile and professionalism around women’s sport.

“We will provide more platforms for female athletes to prosper across more sports as we showcase new competitions including Super W, AFLW, increase our coverage around W-League and hockey and more.

“And in further great news, today we announce an exciting partnership with Gymnastics Australia. In the lead up to the 2020 Olympics we will become the home of gymnastics providing more coverage of one of Australia’s highest participated female sports than ever before.

“We will continue to put more female presenters in more meaningful roles. A record 25 females across our sports coverage, 16 shows hosted by these impressive and knowledgeable women.

“We go beyond the siren, continue past the whistle, shining a light on women’s sport in new shows, panel discussions, news bulletins and front and back pages of the newspapers.

“We support sport’s that are ready to be supported. Sport’s that have developed their structure and governance and aggressively grown their fan base. It’s a two-way partnership and both have a role to play.

“We are excited for the year ahead and working with more of these sporting bodies as collectively we grow women’s sport and those working in it.”


I wonder how much of that record coverage will be covered by the taxpayer? :thinking:


Fox Sports announced its coverage of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix has broken pay TV viewing records. Looks like fans have embraced Fox’s ad-free coverage.
Full release (including peak national numbers which can’t be published here)


Despite no press releases or announcements, the IPL will be shown on Fox Sports in Australia


Looks like Fox Sports News has given up on showing the weather on the ticker, has been missing for a few days now.


I’ve noticed Tim Paine has replace Steve Smith in the ICC 360 Promos. Wonder if they’ve recut the school run ad and removed him from all the buses he’s on :thinking:


mate from fox sports, says Fox Sports will broadcast the IPL for the first time in 5 years


I’m guessing they’re holding it until the TV Rights deal comes together, so they can announce a Fox Cricket channel if they get what they want…