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FOXTEL is proud to announce - HBO’S GAME OF THRONES Season 6 will premiere MONDAY, APRIL 25 at 11am – same time as the U.S. on showcase, only on Foxtel.

The 10 episode season will see the return of character Bran Stark played by Isaac Hempstead Wright (see new image attached) and Australian actress Essie Davis joins the cast.


Lock it down and get ready to do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield, when all episodes of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Season 4 premieres Friday, June 17th on showcase.

The outrageous, award-winning and critically-acclaimed series from EmmyⓇ Award winner Jenji Kohan stars Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox, Dascha Polanco, Michael Harney, Danielle Brooks, Taryn Manning, Selenis Leyva, Yael Stone, Nick Sandow, Samira Wiley, Lea DeLaria, Jackie Cruz, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Adrienne Moore. Lionsgate Television produces the series.


Foxtel is proud to present VINYL an exciting new HBO drama series that explores the drug- and sex- fuelled music business of the 1970s, played out through the story of a NYC record executive trying to revive his label and keep his personal life from spiralling out of control.

A dizzying ride through America’s music-business landscape at the dawn of punk, disco, and hip-hop, the story is seen through the eyes of Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale, Emmy® for Boardwalk Empire), a major-label exec with a dark past and darker present. With his company, American Century Records, facing a number of client crises, and with his A&R team having trouble landing important new acts, Richie, sober after years of drug and alcohol abuse, looks to sell his label to a West German conglomerate. But Richie’s plans become complicated when he becomes embroiled in the death of a sleazy Long Island radio-company owner. Facing prison time, not to mention the loss of his disenchanted wife Devon (Olivia Wilde) and their two kids, Richie ends up reverting to his old vices, but has an epiphany during a concert at a Greenwich Village theater where the roof caves in on him – literally.

A remarkable collaboration between some of film and TV’s most celebrated talents plus Mick Jagger, the legendary lead singer of The Rolling Stones, VINYL is an eagerly anticipated HBO drama series that brings the gritty, rough- and-tumble world of 1970s rock music – in which rock supergroups like the Stones and Led Zeppelin were being challenged by a wave of punk, disco and hip-hop acts – to vivid life through the fictional story of a record exec whose life is rapidly spinning out of control.

Shot in NYC, VINYL captures the zeitgeist of a heady time in American culture and music, when vinyl records had yet to be replaced by CDs, and nobody even knew what the Internet was. While the story is fictional, references to and portrayals of actual recording artists, producers and celebrities abound. Jagger, whose son James portrays a punk-band singer, serves as executive music producer as well as EP, with music from the era infusing the drama.

VINYL is executive produced by Winter, Scorsese, Jagger, Rick Yorn, Victoria Pearman, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, John Melfi and Allen Coulter, with Winter (creator/EP of Boardwalk Empire) serving as showrunner. The two-hour first episode is written by Winter and directed by Scorsese, who also directed the Boardwalk Empire pilot.

In addition to Cannavale, VINYL’s cast regulars include Olivia Wilde (Tron, Rush), Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond), Juno Temple (Maleficent), Max Casella (The Sopranos), Paul Ben-Victor (The Wire), Jack Quaid (The Hunger Games), P.J. Byrne (The Wolf of Wall Street), James Jagger (Stealing Summers), Ato Essandoh (Django Unchained), Birgitte Hjort Sorensen (Game of Thrones) and J.C. MacKenzie (The Aviator). Among the S1 guests are John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Andrew “Dice” Clay (Blue Jasmine).


###Girls - Season 5

From Tuesday 23 February at 7.30pm

Foxtel is proud to present the fifth season of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy series GIRLS from writer/director/actor Lena Dunham, focusing on the ups and downs of a group of 20-something friends in New York City. Express from the U.S only on Foxtel’s showcase.

As Season 5 begins, Hannah (Lena Dunham) is, for the moment, putting her writing ambitions aside, continuing to work as a teacher alongside new boyfriend (and refreshingly nice guy) Fran (Jack Lacy) – a relationship which her friends urge her not to screw up. Meanwhile, Marnie (Allison Williams) micro-manages her upstate wedding to her musical partner Desi (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), but upon returning from the honeymoon, begins to realise she needs more space, literally and figuratively. Jessa (Jemima Kirke), working towards becoming a therapist, tries to stay on the straight and narrow, while managing a budding relationship. While Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet), makes a brief return to the U.S. for Marnie’s wedding, is thriving at her new job in Japan, where she flirts with her boss despite her long-distance relationship with Scott back home. Honest and uproarious, with unexpected surprise turns, GIRLS’ fifth season promises to maintain the series’ place as one of the most talked-about shows on television.

###Togetherness - Season 2

From Tuesday 23 February at 8.00pm

Foxtel’s showcase channel is proud to present season two of TOGETHERNESS the HBO comedy drama from the writer/director/actor brothers Mark and Jay Duplass (Cyrus, Jeff, Who Lives at Home) that follows four adults nearing 40 as they continue their search to find meaning in their lives and relationships. Express from the U.S only on Foxtel’s showcase.

TOGETHERNESS season two follows the highs and lows of four adults trying to balance their relationships and individual dreams. After nearly reaching their breaking points last season, Brett and Michelle (Mark Duplass and Melanie Lynskey) struggle to make sense of where their marriage might be heading; Michelle tries to handle her guilt over a night with another man while pushing ahead with her charter-school plans, while an out-of-work Brett looks for artistic inspiration. Following his big acting break, Alex (Steve Zissis) returns from New Orleans reinvigorated – and with a new girlfriend in tow – but his newfound success threatens to disrupt his relationships back home. Meanwhile, Michelle’s sister Tina (Amanda Peet) has a hard time coming to terms with what should be her “happily ever after” life with her movie-producer boyfriend, and is thrown for a loop when she realises her biological clock is ticking. Through it all, this makeshift family continues to face the hilarity and anxieties of everyday life, while proving they’re truly at their best when they’re together.


###Women He’s Undressed

Sunday 28 February at 8.30pm AEDT

The facscinating life of Orry Kelly, a little known Australian costume designer who received three Academy Awards®, is brought to life in the documentary WOMEN HE’S UNDRESSED, premiering on Foxtel’s showcase channel Sunday, February 28 at 8.30pm (AEDST)

Highly acclaimed Australian director Gillian Armstrong traces the life Orry Kelly, the young boy from the coastal town of Kiama, NSW who made the daring escape out of subrubia and headed to the anything goes world of 1920’s New York, to eventually become Hollywoods most sort after costume designer during the golden age of film.

Orry-Kelly won three Academy Awards® and was nominated for a fourth when he worked as the head of Warner Bros costume department during the richest period of American film history, and was a key influence on mass culture through his costume patents between1930-1960.

Throughout his career Kelly worked on an astonishing 285 motion pictures and designed for legends like Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Rosalind Russell, Errol Flynn, Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and many more luminaries of the silver screen. His films included classics like Some Like It Hot, Casablanca, Oklahoma, An American in Paris, The Maltese Falcon, Gypsy, 42nd Street and Now, Voyager.

Through re-created scenes and extensive interviews with some of the movie industry’s key players including actresses Jane Fonda and Angela Lansbury both of whom worked with Orry, and costume designers Catherine Martin and Ann Roth it is revealed he was an outrageous and incredibly witty designer whose extraordinary and unparalleled talent created some of Hollywood’s most iconic looks in film with stars like Bette Davis whom he counted as close friends along with a complicated lifetime friendship with actor Cary Grant.

When WOMEN HE’S UNDRESSED screened in cinemas last July critics hailed it a massive success:

. “…Terrifically entertaining and revealing …“ ABC Radio,

“ 4 stars” Time Out Magazine

“Women He’s Undressed has a spritzy and celebratory feel, as if the audience have popped the cork on an old bottle of fine champagne and are seated front row at the world’s most fabulous wake” The Guardian,

“Armstrong has created a ripper of a film, filled with energy, passion and a keen sense of this non-conformist rebel and artist, who lived his life in glorious colour, according to his own code of integrity”, Urban Cineffile

Respected Australian actor Darren Gilshenan stars as Orry Kelly who narrates the documentary and appears in recreated flashback scenes alongside actress Deborah Kennedy. Women He’s Undressed is directed by Gillian Armstrong with a screenplay by Katherine Thomson, and is produced by Damien Parer.


Vinyl, that just premiered on HBO and Express from US here on Showcase on Monday has been renewed after just one episode for a second season.


Foxtel Announces Airdate for SECRET CITY


Kettering Incident premiere date announced


###Orange is the New Black - Season 4

From Friday 17 June at 2pm AEST

Foxtel announced today it will screen a new Season 4 marathon of hit US series Orange is the New Black on showcase – the same day as the US.

Starting from 2pm on Friday June 17, Foxtel subscribers can lock it down and do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield.

Each of the 13 episodes will play out on Foxtel’s showcase channel from 2pm and then will be available to stream on Foxtel’s on demand service Anytime on June 17 following the live airing. This enables fans to binge on the entire new season back-to-back.


###Orange is the New Black - Season 4

Start time changed to 5pm (from 2pm)

Marathon premieres Friday June 17 from 5pm AEST

Foxtel will screen a new Season 4 marathon of hit US series Orange is the New Black on showcase – the same day as the US.

Starting from 5pm on Friday June 17, Foxtel subscribers can lock it down and do a little more time with the ladies of Litchfield.

Each of the 13 episodes will play out on Foxtel’s showcase channel from 5pm and then will be available to stream on Foxtel’s on demand service Anytime on June 17 following the live airing. This enables fans to binge on the entire new season back-to-back.


###The Night of

From Sunday 17 July at 8.30pm AEST

Foxtel is proud to present the new HBO eight-part miniseries THE NIGHT OF, which explores the dark corners of the criminal-justice system in New York City as they swirl around a young Pakistani-American staring down an avalanche of evidence in the murder of a young woman on the Upper West Side.

A probing contemporary look at crime, the presumption of guilt and the urban prison system, THE NIGHT OF delves into the intricacies of a complex New York City murder case with compelling cultural and political overtones.

Played out over the course of eight riveting hours, THE NIGHT OF offers viewers an invigorating new take on the crime-drama genre, exploring the vagaries of a single murder case through multiple, contentious points of view.

Starring John Turturro as an embattled defense attorney and Riz Ahmed as his young Pakistani-American client, the story centres around the brutal murder of a young woman on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, examining the initial police investigation, arrest, and imprisonment of the prime suspect – a likeable, unassuming college student who finds himself and his family thrown into the pit of NYC’s criminal, legal, penal and judicial system. Meanwhile, his lawyer, an inveterate “precinct trawler” who lucks into the biggest case of his life, becomes entangled in a web of complicated legal maneuverings by detectives and rival attorneys that undermine his ability to try the case. Written by Steven Zaillian (Oscar®-winning writer of Schindler’s List) and Richard Price (The Wire, Oscar®-nominated for the adapted screenplay of The Color of Money), The Night Of takes an unvarnished look at both the multifaceted NYC criminal- justice system and the feral purgatory of Rikers Island, where the accused await trial for felony crimes.

THE NIGHT OF stars John Turturro (O Brother Where Art Thou?, the Transformers movies) as Stone; Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler) as Naz; Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) as Freddy; Bill Camp (12 Years a Slave) as Det. Dennis Box, the beneficiary of reams of evidence against Naz; and Jeannie Berlin (Oscar®- nominated for The Heartbreak Kid) as Helen Weiss, the prosecutor in Naz’s trial. The cast also includes Glenne Headly (Emmy® nominated for Lonesome Dove), Payman Maadi (A Separation), Poorna Jagannathan (House of Cards), J.D. Williams (The Wire), Amara Karan (The Darjeeling Limited) and Kevin Dunn (Veep).

Created by Steven Zaillian and Richard Price; executive producers, Steven Zaillian, Richard Price, Jane Tranter, Angie Stephenson, Nancy Sanders, Mark Armstrong and Peter Moffat; produced by Mark A. Baker, Scott Ferguson and Garrett Basch; director of photography, Robert Elswit, ACS; production designer, Patrizia von Brandenstein; edited by Jay Cassidy, A.C.E.; music by Jeff Russo.


Penny Dreadful has been cancelled after 3 seasons and 27 episodes. US viewers only found out after they saw the words “The End” on the screen on Sunday’s season finale. The cancellation was later confirmed by creator John Logan and the Showtime Channel. The episode will be shown on Showcase at 9.30pm AEST tomorrow.


###The Night Of

Sunday 17 July at 8.30pm AEST

Pakistani-American college student Nasir “Naz” Khan, who lives with his parents in Queens, NY, takes his father’s taxi to go to a party in Manhattan. But what starts as a perfect night for Naz becomes a nightmare when he’s arrested for murder.

Starring John Turturro (Fading Gigolo, O Brother, Where Art Thou?) and Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler), and created by Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List, American Gangster) and Richard Price (The Color of Money, HBO’s The Wire), The Night Of delves into the intricacies of a complex New York City murder case with cultural and political overtones. The story examines the police investigation, the legal proceedings, the criminal justice system and the Rikers Island, where the accused await trial.

Played out over the course of eight riveting hours, The Night Of offers viewers an invigorating new take on the crime-drama genre, exploring the vagaries of a single murder case through multiple, contentious points of view.

The critically praised and highly-watchable detective drama series has already received rave reviews from television critics around the world:

• “It’s obvious we’re bearing witness to television drama of the rarest king, the once-in-a-decade sort which stands shoulder to shoulder with The Sopranos and Breaking Bad” – Sydney Morning Herald
• “Appointment viewing for the next eight weeks” – The Age
• “The tension is drawn out before the inevitable happens. Consider us hooked!” – TV Week
• “Tense and exquisite… richly detailed” – The New York Times
• “The perfect storm of a crime drama” – The Wall Street Journal
• “Grade: A… mesmerizing… commands our attention” – The Washington Post
• “A powerful story… riveting” – Time

HBO’s The Night Of launches exclusively on Foxtel Sundays from July 17 at 8.30pm only on showcase. The final episode 8 will premiere Express from the US on Monday August 29 at 11am AEST. Episodes of The Night Of are available to view after the premiere screening in Foxtel’s streaming service Anytime, available on Foxtel iQ, Foxtel Play and Foxtel Go.



From Monday 3 October at 12.00 pm AEDST same time as the US

Westworld, HBO’s highly anticipated reality bending drama, starring Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Evan Wood and James Marsden will arrive on Foxtel on Monday October 3 at 12pm AEDST, same time as the US, with a prime time encore at 8.30pm, only on showcase.

Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, Westworld, based on the 1973 film, is a dark odyssey that looks at the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin and explores a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged.

The 10 episode season of Westworld is an ambitious and highly imaginative drama that elevates the concept of adventure and thrill-seeking to a new, ultimately dangerous level. In the futuristic fantasy park known as Westworld, a group of android “hosts” deviate from their programmers’ carefully planned scripts in a disturbing pattern of aberrant behaviour.

Westworld’s cast is led by Anthony Hopkins (Noah, Oscar® winner for The Silence of the Lambs) as Dr. Robert Ford, the founder of Westworld, who has an uncompromising vision for the park and its evolution; Ed Harris (Snowpiercer, Golden Globe winner for HBO’s Game Change; Oscar® nominee for Pollock and Apollo 13) as The Man in Black, the distillation of pure villainy into one man; Evan Rachel Wood (HBO’s Mildred Pierce and True Blood) as Dolores Abernathy, a provincial rancher’s daughter who starts to discover her idyllic existence is an elaborately constructed lie; James Marsden (The D Train, the X-Men films) as Teddy Flood, a new arrival with a close and recurring bond with Dolores; Thandie Newton (Half of a Yellow Sun, Mission: Impossible II) as Maeve Millay, a madam with a knack for survival; and Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games films; HBO’s Confirmation and Boardwalk Empire) as Bernard Lowe, the brilliant and quixotic head of Westworld’s programming division. Other cast members include Tessa Thompson (Creed), Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen), Jimmi Simpson (House of Cards), Rodrigo Santoro (The 33), Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope), Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Chernobyl Diaries), Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia films), Simon Quarterman (The Devil Inside), Angela Sarafyan (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Luke Hemsworth (Infini) and Clifton Collins, Jr. (Star Trek).

Executive producer/writer/director, Jonathan Nolan; executive producer/writer, Lisa Joy; executive producers, J.J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub, Bryan Burk; co-executive producer, Kathy Lingg; producer, Athena Wickham; co-producer, Susie Ekins.



From 11 October at 8.30pm AEDST

HBO’s new comedy Divorce, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church, will premiere on Foxtel’s showcase channel, express from the US, from October 11, Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEDST.

Divorce centres on Frances (Parker, Emmy® and Golden Globe Award winner for Sex and the City), who, after more than a decade of marriage and two children, has suddenly begun to reassess her life and her strained relationship with her husband Robert (Haden Church, Oscar® nominee for Sideways and Emmy® winner for Broken Trail).

Created by Sharon Horgan (creator and star of the Emmy®-nominated series Catastrophe), Divorce is a refreshingly honest new half-hour comedy series about the never-ending process of unwinding a marriage.

Set in Westchester County, New York, the series begins with the couple attending the 50th birthday party of their friend Diane – an occasion marked by high drama when Diane and her husband Nick get into an over-the-top fight – which convinces Frances to tell Robert they should split. But Frances soon discovers that making a clean break and a fresh start is harder than she thought, while Robert, blindsided by Frances’ epiphany, struggles to cope with their marriage falling apart.

The story of a very, very long divorce, the 10-episode first season follows Frances and Robert as they grapple with the fallout from their failing union, not just for themselves, but also for their children and friends. Finding sharp, observant humor in tense situations ranging from awkward public encounters to bitter private therapy sessions, Divorce is about two people at the most difficult moment in their lives, feeling more intense emotions for each other than they’ve felt in years.

Other cast regulars include Molly Shannon (Emmy® nominee for Enlightened and Saturday Night Live) as Frances’ high- strung friend Diane, who has a successful husband, a beautiful house and no children; Talia Balsam (Mad Men) as Frances’ close friend Dallas, who has been both widowed and divorced; Tracy Letts (Homeland) as Diane’s husband Nick; Sterling Jerins (World War Z) as Frances’ and Robert’s daughter Lila; and Charlie Kilgore (Moonrise Kingdom) as their son Tom. Season one guests include Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords), Dean Winters (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Joanna Adler (Orange Is the New Black), Robert Forster (Twin Peaks). Divorce is executive produced by Horgan, Paul Simms (an EP on Girls, and showrunner on this series), Sarah Jessica Parker, Alison Benson and Aaron Kaplan.


Ray Donovan, which airs here on Showcase, has been renewed by the Showtime Channel for a fifth season. The 12-episode season will start production in early 2017 for broadcast later that year.


The fifth season of Nashville will premiere in the US on January 5, 2017, with a two hour episode on the CMT channel. The series was axed by ABC earlier this year but later picked up by CMT. Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz are the new showrunners. In Australia, the show moves from SoHo to Showcase after SoHo’s closure on September 30, and hopefully Showcase will fasttrack the new season.


Trailer for Westworld


So I noticed there is a Showcase watermark in the bottom right corner now and during A Place to Call Home they had ad breaks. WTF am I paying for Foxtel.


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