Fox League

Fox Sports will have almost a full crew on the ground to cover both games on a telecast which will go live into millions of American homes in prime time on the Fox Network.

The Matty Johns show and NRL 360 will also be broadcast from Vegas.

From The Daily Tele


While it’s great to see Fox make an effort for these games, it’s going to make their future decisions to call games from Gore Hill when they are only over the Spit Bridge or in the Shire a bit egregious.


This is something you don’t see very often…

With the trial game between Dolphins and Titans currently on at Sunshine Coast Stadium, the main broadcast cameras are on the eastern side of the ground, so yes, looking back into the sun.

There is a bit of lens flare in the wider shots closer to the trylines at both ends, but it’s OK in the middle of the field where the western grandstand provides some protection, and should get less noticeable as daylight fades.


Previously the telecast has been from the grandstand side at Sunshine Coast stadium, I wonder why it’s different today

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