Fox League

Foxtel been bit slow at removing the branding tho. The TV guides still have them 1-5 rather than 501, 502 etc

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Mumbrella reports that Fox Sports is promoting the channel’s launch with a new ad featuring Jessica Mauboy who is a big fan of North Queensland Cowboys. The campaign will run from February 27 to April but you can see the ad below:

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Yes have seen that ad it’s quite good.

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Been running for a good few days now.

Wonder if they’ll use a similar package to sky nz? They use the logos and it looks very sleek.

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I would like to see club logos used as well. Channel 9 looks good.
Brett Finch has been thrown a lifeline by fox League after being let go by 9 and 2gb. He will be part of a new show Fri 10pm with the Professor the Sunday Tele reports.


Wonder if he’ll appear on the coverage of games and I wonder how they’ll line up callers as well?

I’m thinking

6:00 Caine
8:00 Smith

3:00 Russell
5:30 Voss
7:30 Smith

2:00 Caine
4:00 Smith

NZ Sat Russell
NZ Sun Glen Larmer

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I’m not sure if Brenton Speed will be a main commentator or a co commentator. But your line is probably close.

I’d put Breton Speed in one of those slots that has Smith or Caine listed.

And if Matt Russell is doing a Saturday game in NZ, someone else would need to do the local 3pm game (unless the NZ game is on at 5.30pm NZ time, 3.30 EST)

Warriors games are normally 3pm AUS time. If it’s a 5:30 kick off in AUS then Vossy normally does the 3pm one.


I believe Glen Larmer may be doing all the Warriors games in 2017.

I get the feeling Vossy will do more 3PM Saturday games than Russell who’ll do the bulk of the Cowboy Saturday Night home games. Apart from that though this seems rather accurate.

Rough idea anyway, Russell does the miles on Saturday as he has no commitments on Sunday, but Warren Smith does seem to do bulk of 7:30 Saturday nights.
Glen Larmer is a good caller and first time in years Sky haven’t used a Fox commentator. The past 2 years Vossy travelled over for a game and called it which I thought was interesting. And back in 2012 Fox called a game from the studio that was in Auckland presumably because Aussie viewers couldn’t put up with Dale Husband.

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if they are going to do a soft launch then it would make more sense to do it on the 19th because thats when the charity shield game is on

Fox Sports NRL channel to push game in Queensland with Suncorp Stadium launch

FOX Sports will launch its new rugby league channel in Brisbane as part of concerted push to win the support of Queensland fans.

Queensland is a firm focus of the new 24-hour league channel, Fox League, which will start with a two-hour version of the Matty Johns Show at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on February 27.

Fox Sports are yet to release details of a raft of new shows but it is believed several have a strong Queensland flavour Yvonne Sampson is expected to feature heavily on match broadcasts and magazine shows.

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How do oyu know this?

He was starting to do more as the season rolled on and he isn’t a bad caller either.

People Watching Fox League will be excited to see Yvonne on Late Night with Matty John’s on Thursdays after the Game, Who needs the Fat when you have the Von.


I am so excited!!!
Would be so good if late night with matty johns was every night!