Fox League

wouldnt really be dead…you can replay games from last season like Fox Footy does…Id rather that then replays of golf & other sh*t sports that are on the channel now.

Fox League will replace Fox Sports 2 on 27 February 2017.

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Not sure if mentioned but Sterlo’s show will move to Tuesday Nights this year. Last year was Wednesdays.

I thought it would be in addition to the five existing Fox Sports channels not replacing one of them.

I wonder if there will be new on screen graphics (Scoreboard) This current style first appeared in 2015.

Yeah it seems like non NRL fans will be disadvantaged. Oher sports like international cricket and tennis that might have used FS2 will end up on the inferior red button.

It’s about time NRL got its own channel. Fox NRL or even Fox Footy would’ve been better names.

Think the reason why the channel is called Fox League is it would provide a ‘home’ to air other competitions like the UK Super League instead of restricting it to being a NRL only channel

Your a bit late…I already posted it will take over FS2 2 days ago…

Wouldn’t it make more sense for FOX League to replace FS5 so that there is no “gap” in channel numbers… It would look odd with FOX Sports 1, 3, 4 and 5 but no 2?


I was told that up until 2 weeks ago, that’s where it was going. Mind you it’s actually soft launching on Feb 20 too, main launch 27th. So they are sending out mixed messages

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I dont know why they wont just get rid of the “Coming up Next” bs on channel 507…

They should do this…

501 - Fox Sports 1
502 - Fox Sports 2
503 - Fox Sports 3
504 - Fox Sports 4
505 - Fox Sports 5
506 - Fox League
507 - Fox Footy

But no because that would make to much sense aye…


I heard sometime late last year that there will be a new look or update to graphics when Fox League is launched. However that news might be old and might not happen and not sure if it’s just for Fox League or all the other channels will get it. The current look launched around the same time in 2015.

Otherwise it be branded:

500 - FS News 500
501 - Fox Sports 501
502 - Fox League
503 - Fox Sports 503
504 - Fox Footy
505 - Fox Sports 505
506 - Fox Sports 506
507 - Fox Sports Plus

I say the last of the Fox Sports 1-5 branding will be removed and instead use the channel numbers. Its only really Foxtel that still calls it Fox Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Mabe it’s just me but is that black and green now? As opposed to a earlier photo which is navy blue? :confused:

Definitely green now. Fox Sport 2 is/was blue?

From foxtel site

That’s what they’ve been doing for the past year or so.

On coverage they say fox sports 501 etc

Head of Fox League Ben Jones has confirmed there will be new graphics, new on screen scoreboard graphics and a new look.


thank god! other was ugly as f*ck!!!


Great news personally I think the current graphics and look is the worst ive seen on Fox Sports just to simple and navy blue everywhere. If you pay that much for the rights to sports you should showcase all team logos not have generic V shaped logos for clubs.
Rant over :grinning: