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Would be exactly the same as what they tend to do during other intervals or rain delays back home… although yes it sounds like it is far more manual in this case when they’re not running their own scorecard graphics.

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In the studio for the WBBL opener but unlike the women’s internationals, they are taking the 7 commentary


Pretty much situation normal for the WBBL then, that’s generally what they do there, only do wrap-arounds if 7 has it.


Last year they called some of the games from the studio (mainly the Sydney games which was about half of the season) with their own graphics.

And Fox Cricket+ is back, this time on 505:

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Yeah I think it’s just back for the CWC and WBBL overlap.


I think I realised that a little after I said it, and agree - Seven doesn’t cover everything so Fox tend to do a few of their own games (usually with the cut-down graphics they use in the Marsh Cup, from memory) but if taking a game via Seven they usually won’t do more than pre/post, innings break and the drinks breaks; and let the actual call come from Seven. Similar case with the women’s internationals from memory.

Which is a bit different to men’s BBL because they will call the few games where they’re stuck with the Seven “world feed” graphics.

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The “plus” seems new on-screen, at least when shown on-network. I know they have referred to overflows on 503 or 505 as “Fox Cricket +” before but I think they had just used the regular logo aside the different channel number.

On the other hand, I also can’t remember if they were using the Fox Cricket + brand for off-network streams, like Cricket Network rebroadcasts on Kayo before (without a channel number).

I don’t mind the idea in some way (as it keeps the main brand on 501) but I guess there’s a slippery slope to suggest they should do the same for Fox Footy games that overflow to 503 each week too.

They do had their own commentary with the 7 graphics for the WBBL semi finals & finals for the last 2 seasons. And even with the Women’s Internationals, some series they take 7’s coverage and some series they have their own commentary with 7 graphics

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Yeah Fox do live stream quality coverage of the non-Seven games.

Nup they call all WT20s and non-midweek WODIs from the studio with Seven graphics (they did full graphics of their own for when England and India were here last). Last season they did some WBBL Seven games with their own call from the studio over the top.

They have their own graphics and calls (from the studio when not an exclusive) for all games.

No they did this during the WBBL/T20 World Cup overlap last year.

Nup they just have the Fox Cricket logo and “LIVE” underneath.

Nah they don’t do that. They’re bringing FC+ back because of the overlap between the CWC/WBBL then the men’s BBL/Tests and the women’s tour to India.

It’s been inconsistent with what fox does with the matches that 7 covers.

For the Women’s Ashes, they had their own graphics with commentary.

For other women’s series they took the full 7 while for some others they did their own commentary.

Same for some WBBL. For the finals I think they had their own graphics & commentary

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Cricket Australia now finding themselves in the same basket as NBL, Supercar and Netball; all losing money.

What’s the common theme here, they took the Foxtel offer over FTA options.

Yes it’s great to get quick tV rights cash, but you still have a product to sell to the mass market, not the few that might have fox.

ODI and T/20 internationals have crashed in this country and will continue to until 2031 now.

The bed has been made, cricket is now going to stuffer like the rest have.


Who’s this Kiwi analyst on the CWC coverage? Very monotone voice, boring to listen to.

Katey Martin?

Mark Howard has been unleashed on to cricket audiences. Someone in India must like him.

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She was back in Aus for the WBBL on 7


Howie has a following in India, probably more than he’d have back home.

No it was a guy, I enjoy Martin’s co-comms.

Yeah he did IPL this year after doing the T20 World Cup (as he was here so they use lots of local talent, he did the Round 1 games at Geelong if I remember correctly).

Yeah in the subcontinent there’s a bit of a fetish for blokey white guys on TV when it comes to commentary. Mark fits the bill as he’s a bit quirky in his comms.

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Simon Doull?

I’m not a fan either. Find him very negative.


Ross Taylor?

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That would have been him, thanks. Boring man to listen to.