Fox Cricket Coverage


Don’t like that they’ve started to call games off-tube. Have no issues with what they previously did (carried 7’s commentary but have Fox’s panel interject between overs & pre/post game). However, having commentary being done remotely does a disservice to the the viewer


Agree, I know that Seven’s commentary team is worse than FOX’s team, but nothing beats a commentary team being at the ground itself.


What ires me Is having to listen to James Brayshaw. I am getting annoyed with His own agenda, fake over the top voice when commentating and this is More than enough to turn my tv on mute.


Why Seven still uses him for their coverage is beyond me. He’s excruciating to listen to.

Fox is still better for not having him or Slater, even though they have Ian Healy.


It is cricket heaven on FOX right now

THREE live games on!

501 - BBL Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne Stars (Exclusive,not on 7)
503 - Test: 3rd Test South Africa vs Pakistan, Day 1
507 - T20I: New Zealand vs Sri Lanka.

Don’t recall them having three games on all at once before.


Boxing Day Test had three test matches (though not consecutively, but staggered in a way you could watch cricket from 7am to 2 am)


Probably the same reason why Slater was on the NRL Footy Show or Healy was reading 9 news, to save costs given he’s already calling footy on the network.


Brad Haddin commentating the ODI


The studio commentary set up.


Nice, where did you source that photo?

I assumed they were doing something like that. Definitely sounded like they were using proper headsets during commentary. Then using the lapel clip-on mics when they were doing on-screen segments (pre-show, between innings, etc).
Neroli Meadows just sitting there quietly during play too. Isa Guha was also on last night but only for commentary, didn’t see her do anything on-screen.


They had a rotation last night. Swapped every 5 overs or so. Guha on a break at that time. Photo was on Guha’s Twitter account.

Also, they had Fox score graphics last night which was different to the previous studio commentary jobs when 7 graphics were used and two boundary reports who were at the ground.


Wonder if this was always the plan or whether they have changed their minds (on calling games they’re not filming) halfway through?


I suspect they changed their minds. Interestingly the first one was the Hobart game where neither Seven or Fox could get commentators to the ground due to the bushfires and air travel issues.
However from then on they have continued to overlay their own commentary over Seven’s and yesterday was the first time using their own graphics instead of Seven’s (except when they are at the ground and provide full coverage for select matches anyway).


Fox have had their commentators call a number of games on site that they weren’t the host broadcaster for. However, since the aforementioned Hobart incident - Fox has started to (IMO) call far too many games off-tube instead of taking 7’s commentary and having their experts interject when possible


It’s woeful, tacky and noticeable. Lacks buzz and prestige. It’s all a mess. Virtually unwatchable.


Seven’s coverage isn’t as good as Fox so basically Fox becomes as bad as Seven. Monumental stuff up by both networks. Hope they’re happy with the rubbish they’re producing.


Indeed. The commentators compared to when ten had the rights are terrible. The profile of the game is suffering due to sevens terrible coverage .


Who was the lead commentator here?


That’s for me what has stuck out most about both network’s BBL coverage so far. It’s not that it’s bad (IMO), it’s just most of the commentary lineups have been average at best.

Sure, there’s the odd night where it’s good to watch because someone like Ponting or Gilchrist is commentating. However, neither network has come close to what Ten were able to do in assembling a team whereby the coverage was really enjoyable to watch no matter what commentators were used


Yep, definitely agree with this. The biggest change was the breaking up of the teams Ten had assembled. I love Ponting on the Seven coverage but on Fox, hearing Gilly and Mark Howard make it feel just like Big Bash from when Ten had the coverage.

Overall, I’ve been surprised I’ve still been favouring the Seven coverage over Fox when given the choice which I wasn’t expecting. Watching some of the exclusive games though on Fox and there’s something that’s just missing and different, I think there was less of the crowds being heard which meant the atmosphere was near non-existent at some points and really impacted on the enjoyment of the game.