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The Sunday Telegraph reports today that the Four Corners investigation into the toxic culture at a number of Sydney newsrooms is almost complete. The article says that Louise Milligan was seen recording a piece to camera outside Seven’s Eveleigh headquarters last week.


Four Corners: Retribution — A two-part US election special

Starts Monday 15 July at 8:25pm on ABC TV and ABC iview


“I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution.” — Donald Trump

​There has never been a US president like Donald Trump — and now he’s back, this time with a detailed plan for his second coming.

​Nearly four years after he was cast out by voters and accused of encouraging the American people to assault their own democracy with the attack on the US Capitol, the now convicted criminal wants to rebuild the country in his own image.

​Ahead of the US election in November, Four Corners reporter Mark Willacy travels to Washington for the first of a special two-part series.

​He sits down with White House insiders who witnessed the chaos of Trump’s first term — some who continue to support his vision, and others Trump now considers “traitors”.

​Trump wants to reshape the pillars of American democracy and give himself more power. Willacy goes inside “Project 2025”, the blueprint for a second Trump term and the army of recruits ready to carry out his orders.

​Meanwhile strategy, security and defence experts warn of the impact another Trump presidency could have on America’s institutions, its democracy, and the rest of the world.

Four Corners: Retribution Part 1The battle for democracy, will air at 8.25pm on Monday 15 July 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview. See more at and on ABC News social media platforms.

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Four Corners: Retribution — Part 2

Monday 22 July at 8:25pm

It was immigration that Donald Trump was talking about on stage during the assassination attempt that left him bloodied and defiant – and it’s one of the fundamental issues currently dividing the United States, alongside the economy, abortion, and race.

Ahead of the increasingly fraught presidential election in November, reporter Mark Willacy continues his journey across the country for a Four Corners special.

In Part 2, he explores the key issues in the battleground states, travelling to the frontline of the immigration crisis in Arizona’s wild southern desert where Trump wants to “stop the invasion” of migrants at the border with Mexico, as well as an abortion clinic which sees protestors gather almost daily.

Willacy also visits Georgia, where political fractures have opened up in Black communities that were once a largely united voice, and he goes inside the Trump juggernaut — attending one of the former president’s rallies with fans who are steadfast in their belief that he will make America great again.

Four Corners: Retribution Part 2 — The Battlegrounds, airs at 8.25pm on Monday 22 July 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview. See more at and on ABC News social media platforms.


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