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Ruthless Pursuit

Monday 13 May 8:30 pm

“I believe the public has the right to know the secret world.”

For the first time ever, a former spy for China’s notorious secret police – one of the most powerful arms of the country’s intelligence apparatus – goes public, exposing the covert and illegal operations he was ordered to carry out on foreign soil, including in Australia.

In a major investigation reported by the ABC’s Echo Hui, the spy comes out of the shadows at great danger to himself, revealing his face to expose how China has used its global network over the last two decades to surveil, silence and kidnap those it deems enemies of the state.

The spy divulges his double life and the secrets he’s been guarding. He reveals the inner workings of the secret police, including the companies they use as cover, who his targets were, and the tactics he used to hunt them down.

It raises tough questions about China’s global reach and Australia’s national security.


An award-winning ABC reporter passed on menacing messages from an organised crime gang to journalists, one of whom became so fearful he reported the matter to police.

“These people kill people,” Mahmood Fazal, 33, a former outlaw bikie gang member turned Four Corners reporter, is alleged to have told Kristo Langker, a producer and researcher who works with popular YouTube figure Jordan Shanks, known online as FriendlyJordies.

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McBride was this morning sentenced to five years and eight months in jail, with a non-parole period of two years and three months. His lawyer said they would appeal.


Monday 20 May 8:30pm

It’s the age of social media influencers, and Australian kids are getting on board.

Encouraged by their parents, they’re filling our feeds, vying to be the next big thing. But can children ever really consent? And who’s watching?

Reporters Jessica Longbottom and Carla Hildebrandt meet the parents who say they’re setting up their kids’ future careers.

But there’s a darker side to this new and unregulated world.

Four Corners investigates one online platform where potential predators can pay for photos of children and asks the tech companies what they’re doing to keep young people safe.

Four Corners: Kidfluencers will air at 8.30pm on Monday 20 May 2024 on ABC TV and ABC iview. See more at and on ABC News social media platforms.

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It’s just sick. A 4 year old influencer? Child abuse.

The federal government will ban all compounding pharmacists from making replica versions of diabetes drugs like Ozempic and Mounjaro, widely used off-label for weight loss, amid public safety concerns.

It comes after a Four Corners investigation found a registered Australian pharmacist was running an international pharmaceutical racket manufacturing replica Ozempic and illegally exporting it to the United States.

Federal health minister Mark Butler today announced that loophole would be closed from October, when compounding of the active ingredients in drugs like Ozempic would be removed from the exemptions.

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Boeing’s Fatal Flaw

Monday 27 May 8:30pm

“I opened my eyes to a giant hole in the plane.”

New, tough questions are being asked about Boeing’s 737 Max, the fastest-selling jet in the iconic company’s history.

After being involved in two crashes that killed 346 people, the troubled commercial aeroplane was forced to make an emergency landing this year after a door plug blew out and a passenger was nearly sucked out of it.

This special update to an award-winning investigation from PBS Frontline and The New York Times investigates the plane’s commercial pressures, flawed design and failed oversight.

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