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During the past 18 months, we have learned how vital news and information is to the Australian public, and what other news outlets might be doing, such as, not to scare mongering, and focusing on opinions rather than giving the facts.
The goal of Four News and Current Affairs is simply just that – information without any fear mongering or associated without an opinion or a bias.
The news will be delivered on the flagship Four channel, and the 24 hour Four News Channel.
This post only covers news content on Four. More information about Four News Channel will be posted in the future.
Look, it’s understandable. Australia has different time zones with the max being 2-3 hours between Sydney to Perth - meaning that there will be delays. However, it’s the same in America where the most coveted news shows in the world are produced, and Four plans on producing the news the same way.
For NBC Nightly News for instance, there is a “Western Edition” of the program, aired in places like California or Washington State which would occasionally features breaking news and/or updated information on news stories covered during the original telecast that was produced in New York. Same goes for NBC Today, which does the exact same thing when breaking news stories hit.
During the mornings, regional opt-outs will be a vital part of the program, to get the most up to date news traffic and weather information in the local area.
Six:AM is the news hour from 6am to 7am right before Breakfast. Six:AM is produced LOCALLY in every state, and is the most up to date news program every morning.
Wake up every morning to news, information and feel-good stories to start your day in a positive way!
Catch up with the latest news and reactions to the stock market with Four Afternoon News.
Find out the day’s major international, and domestic stories as Four Evening News helps you make sense of the day’s biggest stories.
A final look at the day’s top stories, with updates to any story that might have happened beyond Four Evening News.
Meet the people behind the Government as Sunday Roundup interviews the top politicians, and focuses on what’s next on the political landscape in Australia. Inspired by NBC’s Meet the Press. image
Four In Depth is a current affair show which showcases Investigative journalism, with inspiring stories. Four In Depth goes from in depth political and international stories, to human interest stories.

Presenters to be announced soon - what do you guys think, and what should be changed?
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This is great @MichaelPower! I can’t wait to see the presenters list.

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