For the Love of Pets

The Nine Network has commissioned ‘For the Love of Pets’ an eight-part docuseries following the stories of the staff, volunteers and animals at The Animal Welfare League of South Australia Inc. (AWL).

The series will follow a cast of colourful characters within the AWL who devote their lives to the animals in their care. You’ll meet the vets who perform life-changing surgeries, the team that re-homes more than 4,000 pets per year, as well as the crew who help families organise and say their final goodbyes to their beloved besties.

The Nine Network and The Animal Welfare League of South Australia Inc will collaborate to produce this heart-warming prime-time show that’s sure to become a family favourite.

“We’re honoured to work in our community, helping lost, stray and abandoned pets get the care they desperately need. We hope that this incredible opportunity to show our work will highlight the heartfelt bonds between owners and their pets, raise awareness of the value of pets in our community, and, most importantly, help more pets find loving homes,” says Julie Bellamy, CEO of AWL.

Financing partner, OMnet Australia’s EP Peter Jenetsky says, “It’s a privilege to have been granted rare access to go behind the scenes of AWL’s incredible state-of-the-art Animal Care Centre and to tell the stories of the talented and deeply committed team of staff and volunteers. Television audiences here in Australia and around the world will be touched and inspired by the deeds of the people in this organisation who strive every day to give every single animal that comes into AWL’s care the best shot at finding a happy and fulfilling life with new adopting pet parents.”

Nobody loves companion animals more than the staff and volunteers at The Animal Welfare League of South Australia. A not-for-profit organisation built on the philosophies of providing love, care & compassion so that every animal that comes through its doors is given the highest quality of life possible.

The facility provides pet adoption and care services for dogs, cats, rabbits, ‘pocket pets’ and even the odd goat or pig! And their people, pets and stories will captivate audiences.

This will be a heart-warming series offering fascinating and entertaining insights into the world of people and pets inside this organisation at a unique time when pet ownership has never been higher.

From vets performing life changing surgeries, to the re-homing team working with tireless devotion and enthusiasm to care for and re-home more than 8,000 companion animals per year. To the considerate staff of the boarding kennels putting the neurotic pets and owners at ease, and the sympathetic team who manage the pet memorial / cremation services, helping families say their final goodbyes.

For the Love of Pets’ is due to air on the 9Network in 2022; *8 x 60’ shot in 4K

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No doubt inspired by The Dog House (both UK and Australian versions) on 10.

Although the show is shot in 4K, Aussie viewers will miss out on seeing the finished product in 4K unless it is released on a streaming platform.

Wonder if this will air in primetime or in one of their weekend afternoon time slots? Again Nine are pumping out factual after factual which seems to be their theme these days along with renovation, dating and lifestyle.

Why does it always seem like the networks copy each other, why are we suddenly getting all these primetime pet shows?

Interesting that they’ve gone with a SA based Animal League, not the usual NSW/VIC ones. Also that it mentions it’s shot in 4K, I would’ve thought this was the norm now?



…or the program gets repeated if/when 4K channels actually exist via terrestrial TV in the future.

I don’t know if we’re quite at the stage where all programs are starting to be produced in 4K, but certainly an increasing number of them would be.

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Coming Soon

When it comes to rock-solid relationships, we say the furrier, the better. So capturing the special bond Aussies have with our finned, furred, fanged and feathered friends, For The Love of Pets is a treat for animal lovers, coming soon to Channel 9 and 9Now.

Taking viewers behind the busy doors of the Animal Welfare League of South Australia (AWL) and Vets4Pets Emergency Hospital in Adelaide, this factual series shares both the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories from these busy organisations.

For The Love of Pets follows a cast of colourful characters within the clinics who devote their lives to the animals in their care. From vets performing life-changing surgery to a re-homing unit with a success rate of 4,000-plus pets per year and the small, compassionate team who help families say their final goodbyes, For The Love of Pets celebrates the special commitment of those who protect and care for our beloved animals.

Hollywood A-list Australian actor Jai Courtney (The Terminal List, Suicide Squad, Unbroken ) has signed on as narrator for the eight-part series.

He says: “For The Love of Pets is a fascinating look into the lives of some very special people and the endless amount of love and dedication they pour into their crusade to get thousands of helpless animals the love and care they deserve every year."

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Premieres Friday 13 January 7:30 PM

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Why show one episode before the Australian Open?

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The show is now out of the schedule.

Premieres Friday 3 February 7:30 pm.

Episode 2

Vets rush to save a German Shepherd choking to death, while a kitten gets life-saving surgery on a ruptured eye, and scruffy Jimmy finds a forever home with an owner in need of love and care too.

I’ve noticed the film crews around the place while working my volunteer shifts there the last month
Whoever wrote the article about RSPCA QLD should check their facts first.They said Wacol, a suburb south west from Brisbane CBD,location of the main RSPCA campus ,is situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast,Wrong ,it’s between Brisbane and Ipswich👎


2024 Upfronts

For the Love of Pets - Season 2

The heartwarming series For the Love of Pets returns to the 9Network, giving viewers an unrivalled look behind the scenes into the workings of RSPCA Queensland and QVS/Pet Emergency.

For the Love of Pets will follow the passionate and colourful characters at RSPCA’s sprawling Wacol campus who devote their lives to the animals in their care, from vets performing life-changing surgeries to the re-homing team working tirelessly to care for and re-home thousands of animals each year.

Situated halfway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Wacol is one of the most significant animal welfare facilities in the southern hemisphere. It houses an adoption centre, a 24/7 hospital for domestic pets and wildlife, and a 24-hour call centre co-ordinating animal rescues.


Whoever wrote this info isn’t a local .Wacol is between Brisbane and Ipswich,it’s right on the border of the Brisbane City Council area and Ipswich City Council
It’s a Brisbane suburb though.
I wonder when this show will be screened? I’ll be watching,Hopefully I didn’t accidentally get on camera :blush:

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Show is back with Season 2 starting Friday 17 November 7:30 pm

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Ok thanks for the heads up .it will be of interest for me as they were filming while I was there volunteering some days

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