Five AA Adelaide


5AA news reader Anne Stone has been dumped after 19 years in the role.

A sign of bigger changes ahead between 5AA and NINE?

Nine News Content and Appearance

It’s sounding like Nine could be looking at acquiring 5AA and adding it to the Macquarie Radio stable.


Nova has probably only hung onto 5AA as it gives them two stations in Adelaide. But yes, it is probably for sale at the right price.


Surely she did something to spark it. Being escorted out immediately and refering to the situation as being embarrassing aren’t normal for a retrenchment.


Everything is, if it’s high enough/conditions good enough.

Usually only done when they foreshadow an upcoming contract elsewhere.

I’d say this was a heavy handed HR foul up.


I listened yesterday and it was basically like listening to the simulcast of Nine News at 6pm


‘Pilko’, Tony Pilkington is filling in for Leon Byner on Five AA. He’s in fine form.

Great show, production by Josh Sampson, a young and versatile staffer who has been across the shows at AA.

Pilko’s partner, “Bazz” Barry Ion not on air with him, they reunited last year over summer for bfast.

They write great ads for direct clients at Hindmarsh Square, the ad for Parafield Airport Liquor Store PALS is theatre of the mind at its best. Wine from all little cellar doors that you can discover from the various wine regions. I felt like I was there.

ToH news sting remains great with mention of digital radio and online streaming.

Following that, the bulletin didn’t begin, went to Roxy Music’s ‘More than this’ and now commercials. Perhaps they’re missing Anne Stone :wink:

No mention of the missing bulletin when Leith Forrest began at 1204 ACDT.

He did give a mention that he’d be covering afternoons until the new year and Graeme Goodings (fmr long time 7 Adel newsreader) after that.

Great that they’re not taking the MRN cricket coverage, least not for this test.


I don’t think they are taking any of the tests, they didn’t take the Adelaide test


Their website suggests they have Adelaide Utd A League games and not much else sport wise at this time of the year. Have they had cricket in the past?


I’d say they’d take the Crocmedia calls, however, it’d be interesting to see what happens to FiveAA sports broadcasts now SEN is in the market again.


They have had cricket in the past now it’s only soccer unless they take the big bash


SEN SA also has the BBL rights


This week, Matthew Pantelis is covering for bfast.

Graeme Goodings in for mornings.

Matt’s throw to Graeme included the light hearted comment that the station can’t do without a Goodings on air somewhere, well done!

Matthew Pantelis returns on Thu.

News from Mel Usher. Leith Forrest reading sport. Marcus Wilson on afternoon news.

Sports drive continues, Wayne Phillips co hosting.


One of those slip of the tongues, 9pm news bulletin, Marcus Wilson tripped over the word pitch and said piss instead. Recovered like it never happened as professionals do.


According to Radio Today, Ken Cunningham and Graham Cornes will return to FiveAA’s Saturday Sports Show tomorrow (Australia Day) from 9am. They previously hosted KG and Cornesy’s Sports Show on drive from 1995 to 2008.


That will mean FiveAA will be split from Nova and have to find a new location in Adelaide.


Nova and FiveAA are on different floors. It may be possible for them to remain and be separated.


It would duplicate many costs that have been saved for near on the last fiften years.


I think they share the same reception (well I think they did when I’ve collected FiveAA prizes) but that can be easily fixed


Wonder if Andrew Bolt would be happy working for much less being aired to the smallest metro market of Adelaide? Would the AA audience be interested in his content?