FIFA Women's World Cup 2023

Isn’t the game at Suncorp?

no, suncorp will have the Lionesses taking on Nigeria (and i’ve got a ticket)


Ah ok, so they switched the venues :+1: will be a massive game, if it wasn’t already it will be sold out. Interesting to see what the crowd will be like given the game wasn’t sold as a Matildas game.

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ended up selling my ticket for England v Nigeria. the 5:30 kick off is what killed it for me. i work until 6


Same, bought then sold tickets to the first two group games in Melbourne as I couldn’t make it. Sold them for nothing really ($1.50 each), just thought someone might as well go and enjoy.

The group stages concluded tonight with some surprise exits. Canada lost to the Matildas on Monday, last night Brazil bowed out after drawing 0-0 with Jamaica in Melbourne, and tonight two-time world champions and world No.2 Germany were eliminated after a one-all draw with South Korea at Suncorp Stadium. The Germans had reached quarter-final in all previous World Cups.

In the same Group H, Morocco beat Colombia in 1-0 in Perth tonight. The result means Colombia topped the group with Morocco second.

The knockouts bracket is now set.


I’d say that like the RO16 match, the venues for match 59 and 60 will be switched to allow the most fans in to the Matildas game. (provided we progess)

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The match is 1B vs 2D - always scheduled for Stadium Australia.


There you go!

:joy: :eyes:

Reigning champion USA are out of this World Cup. They lost to Sweden 5-4 in penalties in Melbourne tonight, after drawing 0-0 at the end of extra time. It took the VAR to determine the outcome.


By the barest of margins.


Great to have the country behind you (with knives).

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That’s a shocker! I can somewhat understand having that vitriol for a political opponent but making those comments about your national sport team is utterly disgusting.

If Donald Trump can rubbish a national women’s soccer team like that, imagine what he will say if Team USA does not win a basketball gold at the Paris Olympics next year.

A trash statement from a, well, … I’m not going to finish that sentence. May the gods have mercy on us all if he wins next year’s election.

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Is that even real?

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Yes unfortunately.

Daily Telegraph

Megan Rapinoe – who has long been “at war” with Trump – was one of three US players to miss a spot kick and she did not escape the former president’s astonishing attack on the team.

Taking to Truth Social – an alternative and extreme social media platform set up by Trump after he was banned by multiple others – the 77-year-old unleashed.

“The “shocking and totally unexpected” loss by the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team to Sweden is fully emblematic of what is happening to the our (sic) once great Nation under Crooked Joe Biden,” he wrote.

“Many of our players were openly hostile to America - No other country behaved in such a manner, or even close.

“WOKE EQUALS FAILURE. Nice shot Megan, the USA is going to Hell!!! MAGA.”

In past years

“If our soccer team, headed by a radical group of Leftist Maniacs, wasn’t woke, they would have won the Gold Medal instead of the Bronze,” Trump said

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For the second match in a row, penalty shootout decided the outcome after a scoreless draw at the end of extra time. This time it was England, which prevailed over Nigeria 4-2 in penalties.

Australia beat Denmark 2-0 in Sydney tonight, thanks to goals by Caitlin Foord and Hayley Raso. Captain Sam Kerr also played in the last 10 minutes of the match. The Matildas will play their quarter-final in Brisbane this Saturday evening.