FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Coverage

Discussion of the coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Australia takes on the world

100 days to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, live and free this July on Seven and 7plus

In just 100 days, the eyes of the world will be upon us as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ comes to Australia for the very first time.

From 20 July to 20 August, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ sees teams from 32 countries compete in this history-making event in Australia and New Zealand.

As the Matildas chase down their first-ever FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ title, Seven will be there to bring you all the heart-stopping action, golden moments, triumph and tragedy, with 15 key matches – including the opening match, Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, the Final and every Matildas match – broadcast live and free on Seven and 7plus.

The biggest stage, the best players. Come on Australia, let’s take on the world!

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™

Live and free from 20 July to 20 August on Seven and 7plus


Watermarks appeared across Seven’s channels today.

Sunrise special graphics


Also tag this thread to Optus Sport as well, given they are the main broadcaster.

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Out of the 15 matches Seven will air, 11 of them are confirmed or likely known:

  • Opening Game: New Zealand v Norway (20 July)
  • Matildas Group Games: vs Ireland (20 July), Nigeria (27 July) & Canada (31 July)
  • Quarter Finals: 11 & 12 August (assuming Seven will air all 4 QFs)
  • Semifinals: 15 & 16 August
  • Final: 20 August

That leaves 4 games unaccounted for - 1 of them will have to be reserved for a likely Round of 16 Matildas game (which will be played on 7 August). As for the remaining 3, think it might be 3 other Round of 16 games so that Seven would show 4 of the 8 games. The only thing that would complicate that is whether Seven would have to reserve the 3rd Place Game (18 August) in case the Matildas make it to the semifinals but lose. If they have to do that, there would only be 2 unaccounted games.


I suspect there will probably be some pool match ups they’ll show maybe England or a USA game (the USA/NED game might be one - even if it’s in NZ)


I noticed some more promos this weekend, featuring Mel McLaughlin, handy having her, being a fan and around coverage of the game for a long time now, going back I think to at least 2007 at Fox Sports.

When she moved from Ten to Seven in early 2016, doing a couple of Aus Opens, Olympics, Winter Olympics and Comm Games, even cricket to an extent, she has never seemed a 100% natural fit, but this I believe will be.


And most importantly, she hosted Optus Sport’s coverage of the 2018 World Cup, so she has experience in hosting tournament football coverage.


According to The Sunday Telegraph’s Phil Rothfield, Mel will be joined by Bruce McAvaney as co-hosts of Seven’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup. Phil writes that Seven will pick up a world feed and its own staff of 80 to cover the event.


Seems an odd choice both for this and 2023, however he is… Bruce. I guess while he’s still on Seven’s books and relatively healthy to continue working, why not, especially for the Sydney and national audience who many largely wouldn’t have watched his AFL calling over the decades and reduced to the Aus Open annually (until 2016) and Olympics every 4 years, as well as some Comm Games and Melb Cup from 2002.

He did host the Rugby World Cup final (on home soil and involving Australia) for Seven in 2003 and remains the second highest rating program of all time (OzTAM) in overnights, with 4.03m (a smidge under the 2005 Australian Open final - also on Seven and also called by Bruce).

On a cynical view though, one wonders if Seven still don’t have 100% confidence in Mel solo helming a fairly major network sport event. Wonder what (if?) other hosts/presenters will be involved with or around her.


So no Australian focused coverage apart from pre & post match?

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I’d say Optus will be doing some form of home-made commentary, but Seven won’t be.

Optus has announced the three main presenters for its Women’s World Cup coverage: Amy Duggan, Niav Owens and Kelly Somers.

UPDATE 17/5: Optus this morning announced six more names for the WWC commentary team, including Mark Schwarzer.


Stumbled across this while I was on FIFA’s 2023 WWC website. However, there’s a page on the website that lists the 15 games that will air on both Seven & Optus Sport:

Thursday 20 July

  • 5pm AEST: Opening Match - Norway v New Zealand
  • 8pm AEST: Ireland v Australia

Wednesday 26 July

  • 10pm AEST: Ireland v Canada

Thursday 27 July

  • 8pm AEST: Nigeria v Australia

Monday 31 July

  • 8pm AEST: Australia v Canada

Tuesday 1 August

  • 9pm AEST: England v China

Saturday 5 August

  • 6pm AEST: Round of 16 G2 - Group C Winner v Group A Runner Up

Sunday 6 August

  • 7pm AEST: Round of 16 G4 - Group G Winner v Group E Runner Up

Monday 7 August

  • 8:30pm AEST: Round of 16 G5 - Group B Winner v Group D Runner Up
  • Note: Since Australia is in Group B, would suspect that if they come 2nd in the group, Seven will instead air the earlier Round of 16 G6 game that day where the Group B Runner Up will face the Group D winner (5:30pm AEST).

Tuesday 8 August

  • 9pm AEST: Round of 16 G7 - Group F Winner v Group H Runner Up

Friday 11 August

  • 5:30pm AEST: Quarterfinal B - RO16 G2 Winner v RO16 G4 Winner

Saturday 12 August

  • 8:30pm AEST: Quarterfinal D - RO16 G6 Winner v RO16 G8 Winner
  • Note: If Australia wins both Group B (and therefore plays in the Round of 16 G5 game) and the aforementioned RO16 game, I suspect Seven will instead air Quarterfinal C which will be played at 5pm AEST between the winners of RO16 G5 and RO16 G7.

Tuesday 15 August

  • 6pm AEST: Semifinal 1 - Quarterfinal A Winner v Quarterfinal B Winner

Wednesday 16 August

  • 8pm AEST: Semifinal 2 - Quarterfinal C Winner v Quarterfinal D Winner

Sunday 20 August

  • 8pm AEST: Final - SF1 Winner v SF2 Winner

Judging by the game selections, it seems like it has been done in a way that will allow Seven to air many of them on the main channel in most states.


Ready, set … let’s go, Australia

Mel McLaughlin, Bruce McAvaney to lead Seven’s coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™

With less than 50 days to go, Australia is primed and ready to co-host the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™, with 7SPORT anchor Mel McLaughlin and broadcasting icon Bruce McAvaney set to lead Seven’s coverage, live, free and in HD* on Channel 7 and 7plus.

From 20 July to 20 August, Australians will be spoilt with the best of world football, as the Matildas go for glory at the biggest global sporting event this year, to be staged across Australia and New Zealand for the first time ever.

Seven will be there as Australia’s mighty Matildas campaign for a maiden title, with 15 key matches – including the opening match, Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, the Final and every Matildas game – to be broadcast live and free across the screens of Seven.

As the world unites, one of Australia’s most authoritative football voices, Seven’s Mel McLaughlin, will deliver on her vast FIFA World Cup™ experience, alongside arguably the greatest sports broadcaster today, Bruce McAvaney, who will bring his profound sporting expertise and lyricism to the beautiful game.

Also joining the special event on-air team are host and commentator Adam Peacock and 7SPORT presenter Emma Freedman.

Drawing on their playing experience and close ties to the national team, Matildas star and two-time Olympian, Elise Kellond-Knight, and three-time FIFA Women’s World Cup™ star Heather Garriock will also play vital roles as game day pundits.

Calling all the action will be veteran football commentator David Basheer, with insights from former Matildas player and emerging broadcast talent Grace Gill.

Beyond the live matches in prime-time, McLaughlin will also be at the helm of the Highlights

show, a 30-minute program to air at 2.00pm each day.

Featuring daily highlights of all matches, the FIFA “Beyond Greatness” Champion will also kick around any breaking news and views of the day with a team of fresh faces, including local football content creators and presenters Kat Sasso, Danielle Pirrello and Nick Stavropoulos.

The co-production with I Want It Yesterday, one of Australia’s leading sports content production houses, will capture all the excitement and passion for the world game, while delivering on Seven’s pedigree for sports broadcasting excellence and innovation.

Seven’s Head of Network Sport and Managing Director of Seven Melbourne, Lewis Martin, said: “This FIFA Women’s World Cup™ is set to be the most exciting sporting event of the decade, breaking new ground for Australian sport and capturing the imagination of all Australians.

“The 7SPORT family could not be more thrilled to be harnessing the passion for the world game and sharing that enthusiasm and athletic excellence with our audience, which is already treated to the best in AFL, cricket, horse racing and motorsport, live and free on Your Home of Sport.

“Our own Mel McLaughlin is living her childhood dream at the helm of such an historic competition, while Bruce McAvaney’s love for all sport shows in every event he covers and this global tournament will be no different,” he said.

“So, settle into your front-row seat on Channel 7 and 7plus and watch the greatness unfold.”


Looks like the images of Bruce and Emma were added to the photo later.

I wonder if the highlights show has been scheduled at 2pm to avoid clashing with Optus Sport’s own late night highlights show?


Looks like 2 cardboard cutouts.


The top halves look different to the bottom halves…maybe stand-ins covered over?

Article: Mel McLaughlin and Bruce McAvaney announced in full list of Channel 7 commentators for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Great team they’ve put together, interesting they name Adam as a commentator then later say Bash will be calling all the action. By the sounds of the description, this is the allocation of the team:

“Studio” Host: Bruce McAvaney or Adam Peacock
“Studio” Experts: Elise Kellond-Knight and Heather Garriock
Commentator: David Basheer
Expert Commentator: Grace Gill
Roving Reporter/Sideline: Emma Freedman
Highlights Show Host: Mel McLaughlin
Highlights Show Roving Reporters/Segment Hosts: Kat Sasso, Danielle Pirrello and Nick Stavropoulos

Only ones I can see changing would be if Mel does in fact join the hosting rotation, Bruce presumably on the main games with Mel doing some in Sydney and Adam doing the games outside Sydney that Bruce doesn’t do and also doing sideline or even joining the panel.