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And yet whenever I’m at a pub or actual restaurant, I’ll always say “pub squash”.


Pub Squash was always my preferred brand of lemon squash when I was growing up. It wasn’t as sickly sweet as Solo or Lift. I believe it is still available but not widely.


I’m guessing you mean the pub squash made by Tru Blu Beverages? I’ve seen them around at my local Woolies and Coles. Unless there’s another brand you’re referring to?


Before Lift, Coke in Australia had Mellow Yellow. The commercial featured Alex Wileman!

I’ve seen Lemon Fanta in Asian grocery stores occasionally. It’s imported from Japan, iirc.


I of course mainly remember Alex Wileman for her longtime association (about 15 years I think?) with the NSW Lotteries “Lotto” draws, but did she do that Mello Yellow commercial before or after becoming the host of Channel Seven Sydney’s version of Cartoon Connection?

Either way, I’d imagine there would’ve been plenty of male viewers (and to be fair, possibly some female viewers) who really enjoyed the ad back in the mid-80s for the sight of Alex in a bikini!


Alex Wileman was a fairly in demand model during the early 1980s. I believe that Mello Yello ad ran for a couple of years. I think it dates back to 1983 and I think she started on Cartoon Connection, with Michael Pope, in 1985. She can also be seen in this Sunsilk ad from around the same time.

Of course, she was advertising incontinence underwear a couple of years ago. Doesn’t that make me feel old?


That is what my mum says if I ever go out with her and she is referring to Lift or Solo. I always have to say to her that I don’t think anyone calls it that anymore.


They have. I got one for $2 from 7Eleven on Sunday.


You really are Tru Blu.


What a blunder that could cost a real cafe a lot.


Carl’s Jr opened its first Victorian store on October 26. It’s located at Westfield Knox, next door to Village Cinemas. The Victorian stores have their own website, separate from Carl’s Jr Australian portal.


Carl Jr in Singapore has very good Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, when I was over there recently I went to Carl Jr for lunch 5 days in a row!


I didn’t see any stores when I was over there in June… I would have had one of those burgers if I’d seen one (but not 5 days in a row :smile: ).


This story shocked me because I literally live around the corner from this cafe.


I havn’t eaten there yet but I walked passed it the other day and it is set up like all the other restaurants in the Knox O-zone. That is a very different look/feel to the ones I saw in the US which were more like a very quick and cheap takeaway burger place (similar to Hungry Jacks I suppose). Aussie one’s seem to be presented a bit more fancy and up market.


I went to Carls Jr at Knox, a very different vibe from the one I went to in SA which is located in a servo and is presented like a regular burger joint.


Yeah that SA one sounds more in line to what they are like in the US. They are just quick burger stops on highways.


I went to the Carl Jr at Vivocity, next to the Harbourfont MRT station, when I went there 5 days in a row doesn’t mean I had the same burger everyday, I tried a different burger each time, but the Western bacon cheeseburger was by far the best, it wasn’t as sloppy as the Original Thickburger.


Western Bacon would have been my choice too :smile:


Haven’t been to Carl’s Jr at Knox yet. But judging by the photos posted on Google Maps, it looks similar to the one in Akihabara in Tokyo, which I went to two years ago. Burger was pretty good but I did wait quite a while for it.