Fast Food and Takeaways


I can certainly see how Uber Eats can be attractive for that kind of thing, but I always find Menulog to be cheaper if I’m ordering for myself. The only difference is that there’s usually less choice on Menulog, as its selection of restaurants is biased more towards restaurants that already have their own delivery service (which is mostly Asian restaurants), as Menulog uses the delivery service of the restaurant itself rather than having their own drivers to deliver the food.

And it’s not just the delivery fee you have to look out for on Uber Eats - it’s the raised prices, too. Many restaurants charge higher for their food in Uber Eats than in store because Uber charges a 30% commission on each order. This is something that is not seen as often on Menulog in my experience.


I’ve never been tempted by Uber Eats or any of these home delivery services.

My local takeaway shops and restaurants are only a 5 min walk away, so it’s cheaper for me to walk down and pick it up. I can get it straight back to my place and importantly I can check that what I’ve picked up is what I’ve ordered.


i abuse ubereats all the time. great service


I didn’t even realise that but come to think of it a couple of the places I have ordered from recently did seem little more expensive than I expected so they definitely must bump the prices up at least a few dollars. I’ve never even used Menulog so I will have to have a look to see what is available in my area.


They can be kicked off the platform if they’re caught charging higher on Ubereats than other platforms or eating in.

Hasn’t stopped some restaurants regardless.

I tend to prefer Deliveroo primarily because it is getting picked up on bike / scooter (which restricts Uber drivers gaming the system and collecting 10 orders at once in their car), probably use it once every week to fortnight. Wouldn’t use it for everything though, like I find it very weird that people order ice cream or breakfast foods through the platform.


Ubereats needs a ‘split payment’ option like its ride-sharing big brother. On occasion when I’ve been with friends we’ve ordered some sizable orders to feed a group but then have to transfer money.


Are Deliveroo meant to always be on bikes? On the weekend the guy at my door had his younger daughter with him (who looked around 5 or 6), so I assumed they must have driven.

Also out of interest does anyone know how much an Uber eats / Deliveroo delivery person earns? I was thinking about this on the weekend. I assume it’s per order but do they just pick up the $5 delivery fee per order? I’m just wondering how viable it is for them but I guess most people are doing it as uni students or a second job for a few extra bucks.

Yes that would be useful. Currently if my friends are over and I order I just pay it, and theywill do the same if I’m at theres. It pretty much evens out although the split option be much better.


Deliveroo here in Geelong is mostly bikes/scooters but not all, had a guy in a car deliver to me the other day.


thank you for thinking of this idea I didn’t know I needed. Uber Eateries also need to expand their full menu to the app. So many places I’ve ordered at and half of the menu isn’t on the app. Sometimes it’s the best food on the menu too :confused:

Sometimes I get home from a big night out/in and all I want to do is pig out on a huge Macca’s meal (then immediately regret it, because Macca’s taste’s like trash), but I can’t because they don’t do the family sized chips, so I have to order 2 meals or whatever.


Taco Bell is making a comeback with Collins Foods to open more than 50 restaurants in three states in Australia between January 2019 and December 2021.


Is Victoria one of those three states?
Asking for a friend


Try that free article instead


Personally I wonder if Collins Foods might convert some/all of their remaining Sizzler outlets (if there are any left) to Taco Bell stores?


Interesting that Yum! has signed Collins to roll out Taco Bell in Australia rather than Yum! doing it themselves. I guess having been stung twice when it failed Yum! is letting someone else take the risk this time.


Without a doubt I’d say, I’d expect this will accelerate the closure of the remaining standalone sizzler locations.


Man, that means Rockhampton gets a Taco Bell if this happens. :joy: It’ll be right across Guzman y Gomez too.


Mexican chain Zambrero I’ve found is always stodgy as they use too much rice, and it is overpriced for what it is.


GyG tends to be the best of the chains I’ve found. Mad Mex, Zambrero and Salsas all seem pretty mediocre at the best of times… Although Zambrero does have its own edge in that they’ve embraced having drive thru locations.

They’re all so overpriced though, I tend to avoid the lot of them. Even the Taco Bell concept in QLD appears to have a very overpriced menu (although slightly cheaper than the others).


Let’s not forget as well, with Taco Bell.


I quite like Mad Mex, but agree GyG is really good. Salsas is crap and have never seen Zambrero.

Totally agree on the pricing, especially when so many places load up on salsa to fill it out. If you want a side and a drink you’re rarely getting change from $20.

I suppose the problem is that Mexican food isn’t quite mass market enough for sustainable stores based on it, so it’s harder to keep prices low?

If only you could get the combo KFC-Taco Bell outlets like in the US - to balance the costs out better.