Fast Food and Takeaways


I have had one really good one and one disappointing one.


Might need a licensed premises thread, @TheHubMan


I mean that would just be a discussion of peroni and how drunkposting by certain members

actually that sounds like a sight to see.


Now that old mate matlock’s gone, it’ll be left to Sully to carry that torch.


Coca-Cola buying this Adelaide business is interesting as they are buying it themselves and not going through their partially owned Australian partner Coca-Cola Amatil, though Amatil will distribute the product.


High school students normally can only buy lunch from the canteen, so how could they order Uber Eats in the first place?


Because students often break school rules.

I once wore the incorrect type of socks!


Oh no!

That calls for an INSTANT ban from all of us goody two shoes here on MS.



Geez, I wish I could have afforded Uber Eats when I was in high school…the minimum order is around $25-30?

I usually was only getting about $5-10 a day from my parents for the canteen. I bet quite a few kids at my school were getting less than that, too.


If it’s going to happen anywhere it will be a school like Geelong College (edit, actually I am mixing it up with Geelong Grammar but still both expensive private schools…).

No minimum order for Uber Eats though, just the flat $5 delivery charge.


I still had a bloody packed lunch! Reckon I could count on two hands the amount of times I went to the canteen in high school.


We were about 10 minutes walk from a mall at my high school. Students weren’t allowed out unless they were in their final year but that didn’t stop people going to the mall at lunch break for food or whatever.

The trickiest one was we had assembly just before lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays and
Prefects monitored the exits of the school but in final year, you usually knew a couple who would look the other way and allow you to leave for an extended lunch break.


Yep same here! Although I do remember the joy of finding 5c on the ground in primary school and the duty teacher would let us spend at the canteen - 2 barbecue shapes or 2 ovalteenies for 5c!

In saying that about high school, in college when we had licenses and they didn’t care if we were offsite or not there were a lot more trips out when I had money.


It’s actually a 6.95 delivery fee , at least in Geelong


Well we know where you spent your time on Tuesdays and Thursdays then :grinning:


Pizza Hut


It’s $5 in Melbourne but I guess they have to pay their drivers more per delivery as you go further out of the city and the population density drops.


i’ve only gotten uber eats once and that was when i was holidays - i got it sent right to my room as i could not be bothered to go get something and room service did not appeal.


pretty easily I would think. Kids all have smartphones. They can order through the app and they don’t even have to leave the school premises to get their order.

Bloody expensive though.


I have only recently started using Uber Eats / Deliveroo and I find myself now using them probably once a week. Either if I’m at home on weekends and can’t be bothered going out to grab something but usually as well now if friends come over or we go over there we just order food. So much easier. Well worth the $5 fee which is nothing if you are ordering for 4 or 5 people.