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Slap a coffee cup style lid on the top. Problem solved.


You know it’s not just rolling up a bit of printing paper right?


eh, the local pub switched over to plastic straws and it felt really weird.


Why such a big fuss over straws? There are very few scenarios where you actually need straws. Why can’t people just drink from the cup? Plastic straws are one of the biggest environmental problems and they are not something that you need to have with a drink. I don’t think we even need paper straws. We just use straws out of habit. Let’s just move on without straws.


Here’s something to think about. The vast majority of drinks served at a fast food restaurants here in Australia come in paper cups, and they’ve always been served in paper cups since fast food became a thing here.

Now if we had been using plastic cups for serving drinks at fast food outlets as the standard for the past 50 years instead of paper, I bet you that we’d have the same amount of bitching from people who would whinge that the paper cups would get all soggy and eventually leak everywhere (which we all know that they don’t).

So I don’t understand why everyone is whining about the plastic straws being phased out (apart from the legitimate concern of people with disabilities, of course).

It wasn’t until just a couple of years ago that some drinks began to be served in plastic cups (milkshakes at Maccas, for example)…which has puzzled me, because I seem to think that the shakes always tasted better coming out of the plastic cup.


Most paper cups are lined with polyethylene and if you buy a packet of paper cups from the supermarkets and Officeworks they will be in a plastic bag. What are the supermarkets doing about most single use plastic products sold in supermarkets - absolutely nothing. Withdrawing straws from sale is a token gesture that will have almost no impact.


Coles and Woolies have RedCycle. You can take various soft plastics in store for them to be recycled. It’s a start.


There’s a fuckload more they could be doing if they actually really cared. Sometimes feel I more about five minutes of fame saying ur going to make a change more than anything else.


I think it is still just all show. The reusable polypropylene bags I have seen have a single use plastic tie holding the handles together and a shiny cardboard price tag, that cardboard is coated in polyethylene.


I didn’t say it was the be all and end all and a perfect system but it is a step in the right direction.
I actually think the main issue is that most people don’t want to change or don’t give a shit.
What do you suggest supermarkets use then?


What exactly should they be doing? A fuckload is a lot yeah?


I’m not sure. I shouldn’t Medisapy drunk tbh :smirk:


don’t drink and mediaspy.


I’ve done that before too.

Maybe the login page should ask you to solve a tricky puzzle or join the dots or something to prove sobriety.


Just ask the bost mod here (@onair) about that


Oh that was a fun, fun night.


I had a chicken burger for lunch at Burger Urge at the newly expanded Green Hills Shopping Centre in Maitland NSW today.

Most of their outlets are in Queensland, there’s only 3 stores in NSW.

It was nice, but the burger is a bit on the small side. Chips were nice too.


Dunno if this counts as fast food, but I went to the Outback Steakhouse in Penrith the other day. I went in expecting a really tacky, Yankified take on Australiana…but it really wasn’t too bad. The decor was a bit tacky, but the service was great. I had a laugh at the “B-double burger” they had listed on the menu.

It was a little on the expensive side (cost me $30 for my pasta meal + drink from what I remember - steaks would have been a bit more).

I went there with friends originally expecting to go to the Spur steakhouse next door, which I understand is a South African chain. Has anyone been to one of those? I believe they only have a few locations in Australia.


There are several Spur locations in Perth - haven’t personally tried one but they come across as pretty average and the decor in them looks incredibly dated even though they haven’t been around all that long.


Shonky move from a company in legal trouble.