Family Food Fight

##Family Food Fight

Big characters, Bold recipes and Beautiful food: Family Food Fight is a fresh, exciting and relatable take on food.

In this competitive cooking series, diverse and multi-generational Australian families will go head-to-head in high-pressure cooking challenges to not only win the experience of a lifetime but also take home the title of “Australia’s Greatest Food Family”.

Inspired by real home cooking and family food traditions, Family Food Fight will serve up extraordinary feasts unlike anything we’ve seen before. Produced by Endemol Shine Australia.

all I can think of is Family Double Dare

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Didn’t this last like either one episode or one week?

Goes to show massive hits in the US mightn’t be so here.

It was a weekly show. I think Ten pulled the plug after 3 episodes.

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An Endemol Shine Casting notice:

AUDIENCE ALERT: An exciting prime time cooking show will be filming an episode at an iconic Melbourne location, The night of Monday July 10, 6pm-8pm

If you would like to be invited to this exclusive event email your name, email and contact number to:[at] to register.


Who will be crowned Australia’s No. 1 food family?

Production commenced this week on Nine’s brand new prime-time cooking competition, Family Food Fight.

Six food-loving families from across the country will go head-to-head in the kitchen in a quest to find Australia’s No. 1 food family.

They will be tasked with cooking a range of family favourites and varied cuisines for the esteemed judges. Challenges will see the families catering for traditional family occasions, feeding an array of special guests and recreating tried and true recipes.

Tapping into the families’ different cultures and backgrounds, Family Food Fight will be rich in tradition and home-style cooking, with family recipes and sumptuous home cooking shared among the generations at its heart. The focus will be on accessible meals and aspirational home cooking that the Australian public will be inspired by.

With a mix of fast-paced cooking fun and heaped helpings of good humour, the competition will capture the unique family dynamic, with mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, kids, husbands and wives all cooking their hearts out to take out the coveted top spot.

Acclaimed chef and restaurateur Matt Moran will be the lead judge, assisted by fun, mohawked uber pastry chef Anna Polyviou and popular foodie and cookbook author Hayden Quinn, who will judge the families’ culinary creations. Internationally renowned food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles will also appear as a guest judge, his finely tuned palate adding considerable clout.

Family Food Fight, an Endemol Shine Australia original format developed with Nine, will be broadcast on multiple nights across several weeks later in 2017.

Isn’t using two former Masterchef contestants and a Masterchef guest chef risking too many comparisons to that show?

Not to mention Tom Parker Bowles from Nine’s last failed effort “The Hot Plate” , which got into trouble for ripping off My Kitchen Rules.


No surprise there since it comes from the same company which produces MasterChef for Ten. The two shows could even share the same production crew.
The timing of the production suggests the show could air towards the end of the ratings season (late October to November), after The Block.


Moran was actually a co-host in 2011 (Season 3).

Isn’t Hayden the only former Masterchef contestant in that lineup? Matt Moran was involved in Mastechef in the earlier seasons and Anna Polyviou often makes a one episode appearance each season… but most high profile chefs have appeared on Masterchef in it’s 9 seasons. As for Hayden I think he’s a great choice, is a TV natural and has moved well on from Masterchef doing lots of things like Surfing the Menu.

The thing I’m more sceptical about is whether there is any hope for another cooking show. This is likely to go up against Hells Kitchen Australia too. If this show comes across more like an in studio game show with an audience it could be fun and a little different but from the description I’m not sure if it’s going that direction or more Masterchef style.


Isn’t that starting very soon (i.e.) Q3?

Family Food Fight is apparently not until after The Block (which is odd, Block was able to have a monopoly virtually in Q4 last year).

Family Food Fight - Sounds like a bunch of people at the dinner table throwing food at each other when I hear that title.


I’d rather watch that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Mumbrella did an interview with Adrian Swift this week and revealed the program logo for the first time:

Some quotes from Adrian:

We wanted to make it different. The point of making yet another food show, a competitive cooking food show, was because we came up with an idea that was different and the idea that makes it fundamentally different is family food.
We felt there was a really big clear hole in the market particularly around beginning and end of the year for food we all cook at home.
We wanted to explore our ethnic background that bleeds into the way we cook, and not just what we cook but the way we cook which is why we have a Greek family, Italian family, Vietnamese family, Lebanese family and two Aussie families that are quite different.

He also confirms the show will be shown on several nights each week.

As if there’s any hole in the market for another food related reality show. Are they going to put up against Hell’s Kitchen?

Production has just started so there is no way it will be up against Hell’s Kitchen. I predict it will start in mid October after the latest season of The Block concludes. Nine will use the NRL finals to promote the show.

Sunday Herald Sun reports filming took place at Thornbury Food Van Park in Melbourne’s north on Monday night, with six families offering dishes like burgers, Mexican fries and fish curry.

Spoilers. Now we know who got through.

It is not a spoiler, it has been six families all along.