Extreme Weddings

Announced at the 2019 Upfronts


A wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life. But for some, an ordinary celebration just won’t do. They want the extraordinary. Extreme locations, extreme themes, extreme expenses – our cameras will be there from the initial planning stages through to the big day. EXTREME WEDDINGS is a Seven Studios production.

Another love show? Spare me.

More shit that will probably end up on Netflix, just like ‘Australia’s Cheapest Weddings’.



Tuesday 6 September 9:00 PM

A wedding is a major day in a couple’s life, but sometimes, when you are ready to say, “I do”, an ordinary wedding just won’t do. Extreme Weddings follows couples who have shunned normal nuptials and chosen something extra for their special day: extraordinary locations, wild themes or extreme activities to leap, dive or fly into married life. Whether they are splashing out millions or keeping costs down, one thing is for sure, these Extreme Weddings are a once in a lifetime crazy ride!

Episode 1

Sydney couple Luke and Damien won’t settle for anything but the best of the best and for them, there is no such thing as over the top. They will celebrate their wedding over four days and the ceremony will be decorated with dozens of Swarovski crystal chandeliers, millions of imported blooms requiring an army of florists to arrange and jewel encrusted wedding outfits.

That’s just the start of this eye popping million- dollar wedding. While down the road, Jenny and Scott’s Rock n Roll themed wedding will tug at the heartstrings as these two love birds are finally tying the knot after 30 years. There are no frills here, they will wed at the local hall with Jenny wearing her bargain op-shop wedding dress and Scott in his $12 tux. An episode with a roller coaster of emotions!

Members have been suggesting that Seven needs to invest in more post-7.30 reality Australian productions. Careful what you wish for! This has been sitting on the shelf since 2019 - perhaps it should have stayed there!

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Sitting on the shelf beside Fam Time which was made in 2020 and is yet to screen.

Surprised they didn’t try and shop it elsewhere. Guess it’s been sitting on the shelf too long now, may as well show it.