Expressions of Interest: Ratings Contributors

We are looking for members who are interested in helping contribute to our site by posting some overnight ratings. You would be working with TV Cynic to post the raw data at 10am on an occasional basis when TV Cynic is unavailable.

The position will require a level of trust as the overnight data is embargoed from release.

You would be provided with assistance and tools needed such as a template that can be used to make the post. A very basic knowledge of Word, Excel, and Acrobat is needed.

Please feel free to reach out to @TV.Cynic via PM if you are interested

By way of explanation - we have little redundancy around ensuring the ratings get uploaded after they arrive and while TV Cynic does and proposes to continue to do a fantastic job (that we are forever grateful for) it comes time to try and ensure some continuity in service if TV Cynic isn’t available.