Experiences With The Media

A thread that we can share our experiences with the media, whether it is appearances, submitted articles, comments, posts or anything in-between. Here are the experiences that I have had with the media:

1999 - Appeared in a local advertisement for the Illawarra Mercury.
2004 - Appeared on the front cover of a Lake Times newspaper.
2008 - Had a special appearance on 96.5 Wave FM’s “Hot Breakfast show”.
2008 - Appeared on the front cover of a Shellharbour Advertiser newspaper.
2011 - Submitted plenty of “Letters To The Editors” to the Illawarra Mercury. The majority of them were published and I even received a phone call from the chief editor of the Illawarra Mercury.
2014 - Possibly appeared in a report for WIN News Canberra.
2014 - Appeared on FOX Sports during an NRL match.

If you are interested, I am willing to go into a bit more detail for one (or any) of the events I listed above. Although, I am definitely not going to reveal anything that is of personal detail. I am interested in hearing experiences that other Media Spy members have had with the media. Have you appeared on TV, on the radio or in the newspaper before?


Why did the newspaper editor call you?

How were you ‘possibly’ in a WIN News Canberra report?


Re : Newspaper Editor - I submitted a “Letter To The Editor” on the history of a long-abandoned village named “Sherbrooke” (for people who know the Illawarra area, it was located near Bulli Tops). Basically I discussed the history of the village and I proposed that the village should be more historically recognized. Ultimately, it was published in the Illawarra Mercury. About a week later, we had received a phone call from an unfamiliar phone number. As it turns out, it was the Chief Editor of the Illawarra Mercury and they were interested in talking to me in relation to the letter I had sent. I was only 12 years old at the time, which is primarily the reason why the Chief Editor was interested in speaking to me on the phone.

The Chief Editor basically said how impressed he was in regards to the quality of the article and how in-depth it was for someone of my age. He then went on to say that I should “keep up the good work” and encouraged me to continue submitting “letters to the editor”.

Re : Report - When I was in Canberra for NYE, a friend and I deliberately walked in front of a WIN News camera crew so that we were in the report. However, we left the next morning, so I don’t know for sure if I was on WIN News Canberra or not.

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about 3 or so months ago i was on the BBC world service programme “World have your say” about the use of the word “invaded” rather than “settled” or “discovered” in relation to australia

I’ve been on:

  • French TV for the Canal+ Formula One Coverage

  • Mentioned tweets on Sky Sports F1 Coverage at #SkyF1 (about ten or so times)

  • 2GB in Sydney on Ben Fordham’s program

  • In a newspaper article for the Parramatta Advertiser for some art gallery thing.