Emergency Radio Broadcasting in Australia



How was emergency broadcasting changed in the last few years? I remember back in the 90’s growing up here in Brisbane that we never had the current level of rolling coverage and multiple warnings. Even during the Supercell storms of 2008.

Certainly only ever heard the SEWS since the 2011 floods. What was cyclone coverage like in the tropics in the 80’s?


I don’t know about the 80s but they certainly existed in the 1970s – though probably not to the extent that they are now. There were emergency warnings broadcast before Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin in 1974.


Triple M Townsville has now returned to the national feed with Pricey returning at 5am unless something happens overnight.


Have been listening to Triple M here in Townsville tonight as this emergency is getting very serious here tonight.

The SEWS is being used before every local news update and even before live interviews with the Local Disaster Management Group.


Excellent broadcasters.

Another great broadcaster contributing to the flood coverage. Sounds a lot better than the obscure choices for the Tas disaster.

So the local radio TX out but the RN at the same site still running?

Great question. Love to read more thoughts on this.