Emergency Radio Broadcasting in Australia

Currently coming via ABC Far North, and expected to continue with Adam Stephen through drive.

Can confirm that both stations are expected to run live and local all weekend

Christian station 99.9 Live FM are live until at least 6pm according to Facebook.

Briefly caught the end of a break from 103.9 Triple T discussing the flood warning, before the presenter introduced Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World”. Somehow manages to unnerve me more than the SEWS ever could.

4K1G appear to be running normal programming, disappointingly.

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I’ve been listening to multiple radio stations today and they’re all doing a really good job. The warnings have been airing at least once every 30 minutes or so.

TV on the other hand is hopeless, apart from seeing a scrolling ticker on SC9 once, I haven’t seen a thing on any of the majors. Even the coverage on Nine News Now when it started at 3pm was lacklustre at best, they’re doing a better job covering the cold snap in the USA than the major flooding in Northern Australia!

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An example of the radio coverage:

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I think it’s done for people who aren’t prepared with a fireplan and might not really know what to do it evacuate but remain in the vicinity of the fire.

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Yes, a touch out of place.

I don’t understand why the commercials don’t follow the ABC in using resources within their network to give the local staff a chance for a nap at home.

You could run the updates virtual live and in the originating market if time permits, run a few local voice tracks, win win situation.

And one hour stale as it would’ve originated from TCN on AEDT.


Peter Barr ABC Perth (?) currently doing emergency updates on ABC Melbourne for fires in Grantville and near Moe.

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ABC Radio Queensland is split into different programming sections across this weekend.

ABC Far North, ABC North West and ABC North Queensland sharing extended flood related programming and updates across the weekend with updates and news. They are currently airing the Emergency Management press conference live.

Adam Stephen from Cairns will be doing special weekend Northern Drive program for rolling coverage between 3pm and 6.30pm. Richard Dinnen taking over for the evening updates.

This has been evident today with the presenters being utilised. Julie Clift from the Gold Coast presented updates this morning. And after 12pm it’s now gone to Belinda Sanders in Toowoomba.

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A total fire ban day in Victoria means we’re in bushfire mode. There is currently an emergency warning issued for Hepburn and Hepburn Springs, and a Watch & Act for the surrounding Daylesford area - details here.

ABC Radio Melbourne, ABC Ballarat and ABC Central Victoria have dumped the cricket and are running live programming out of Melbourne with Libbi Gorr.

3BA & Power FM Ballarat and Gold 1071 Maryborough/Bendigo are also airing emergency warnings this morning. Doesn’t appear to be any mention on Radio KLFM as yet, which is poor considering the station is listed as a designated emergency broadcaster for the Daylesford region.

In Queensland, ABC North Queensland, ABC Far North and ABC North West have gone back into rolling coverage mode this morning of the flood/weather event. And will likely continue throughout the day. This is replacing both the cricket and the statewide Sunday Mornings program from Brisbane.

At 10am - presenter David Illife from Toowoomba just handed over to Meech Phillpott in Mackay to continue the coverage.

gold 1071 isnt based in maryborough

its licence is


At risk of taking this thread off topic:

Gold broadcasts from studios in Bendigo - as @TelevisionAU points out, it is licensed in the Maryborough RA1 licence area where it is heard on 1071AM.

98.3 gives FM coverage to the Bendigo city area, although with a much lower range than hit91.9 and Triple M which are licensed to cover the Bendigo area proper

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i used to live in maryborough and i can tell you thats wrong yes its licence in name only but no stuido in marybourgh it self the only local radio station is goldfields fm which i used to work for

ABC Radio Melbourne and Victoria returned to the cricket on analogue radio, and regular programming on ABC Listen and digital radio at 1pm. They will continue providing updates throughout the day and will return to rolling coverage if needed.

Noticed that Triple M and Hit Townsville are using SEWS on their broadcast yet the ABC isn’t. Now as I’m listening online, the ABC “May” be broadcasting SEWS on the analog signal only. Can anyone confirm? Seems odd that some would be using it while others don’t.

Triple M/Hit have their own “if it’s flooded, forget it” CSA they are broadcasting periodically (similar to the ABC’s message)

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PS Cathy Dinn is on the air for the ABC at the moment. She’s giving away the Cairns studios number so assuming she is broadcasting from there.

I think you mean Cathy Border - she would actually likely be on the Gold Coast. They have the ability to re-divert the various talk-back numbers to other places if needed.

They also are likely not airing the SEWS because the particular warning is only for a small area of where the broadcast is going to. If the ABC is joint broadcasting into areas such as Cairns and Mt Isa as well where the warning isn’t relevant - it might be not be appropriate for them to do that.


My mistake - yes you are correct :wink: Interesting re phone numbers. Thank you

Leon Compton jumped back in the chair for ABC Tasmania this afternoon after 3 fires have been upgraded the emergency warning.
This afternoon’s updates were coming from interstate but are now coming from Hobart.

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I do like the ads ABC Radio North Queensland are running taking a swipe at utilising Smart Speakers for emergency information.

Overall they have been doing a great job with the emergency coverage.

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