Driving Test


Driving Test is a heartfelt factual show that goes behind the scenes of people learning how to drive. From their very first lesson to the test itself, we’ll witness the highs and lows and the hits and misses as the drivers and their larger-than-life instructors score them a Pass or Fail. Set in Darwin, the only place in Australia where the driving test must be recorded, we meet people from all walks of life as they’re unleashed on the streets. They set off on the ride of their lives hoping to secure the ticket of their dreams – a driver’s licence.

Driving Test is produced by Screentime for Nine.


Starts 7:30 Thursday next week, followed by RBT.

Will it be available on 9Now for viewers in NT (where this show is filmed), NSW, ACT and QLD because Thursday night NRL is continuing?

Didn’t Seven do a similar series around a decade ago? Last Chance Learners?

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The show will debut in its home region (NT) as well as NSW, ACT and QLD this Thursday, September 5, at 7.30pm.

Does anyone know how many episodes AFL States screened.

I am assuming they showed 13 with Sydney and Brisbane up to 9 last night.

I may have answered my own question with some research. From looking at the guides on MS it seems Adelaide and Perth have screened 14 episodes and Melbourne 13 episodes. That is because Melbourne had a week off due to special programming. I would say there is error somewhere and Adel and Perth showed a repeat or something else one week because 13 is the standard.

Episode 13 was scheduled for GTV and Episode 14 for NWS last night but they were replaced with repeats of RBT. TCN and QTQ had episode 9 last night. No sure about STW.

There are 20 episodes in the series.

ahhh 20 episodes. Thank you every much. I wonder why GTV did not play episode 13.
STW has played 13 episodes same as NWS.

Weirdly, Sydney and Brisbane will play episode 12 this week bringing them in line with Melbourne.

Next week Nine play a double RBT in all markets.

Why would Nine not show 1 more episode of Driving Test in Syd, Melb and Brisbane so they are line with Adelaide and Perth?

Driving Test returns Monday from 8:00pm on Channel 9 with a new season according to the report on Nine News Darwin tonight;

But according to advanced schedule, it is the continuation of season 1.

I recall David on TV Tonight saying these were unaired episodes from a few years back.

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