Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep?

New for 2023

Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep? is a ground-breaking, investigative, environmental film that explores the impact humans are having on wild dolphins through hand feeding tourism programs in Australia at Monkey Mia and Bunbury in Western Australia, and Moreton Bay and Tin Can Bay in Queensland. Hand feeding in some of these locations has caused a litany of problems, high calf mortality, aggressive behaviour, and reduced survival rates in the wild. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a mystery where many of the female dolphins at Monkey Mia died in the last 5 years. We examine research in Australia from the world’s leading marine scientists and the debate from marine biologists, environmental groups, conservation advocates, and governments who all have differing opinions on the issue. But one thing remains constant, the feeding continues! The film investigates and challenges our insatiable need to interact with wild dolphins, questioning how deep our love really is, for these amazing marine animals. Ultimately the film uncovers the tenuous balance between our all-consuming desire to get back to nature and the stark reality, that we could be loving some dolphins to death!

A Sea Dog TV International Pty Ltd production. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with ABC. Financed with support from Screenwest. Local distribution by ABC. International sales by ABC Commercial. Producers Jodie De Barros and Leighton De Barros. Executive Producer Leighton De Barros. ABC Manager, Documentaries Stephen Oliver.