Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly Australia

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Meade wrote that PPGA revealed Ten responded to its concern by offering the guild a credit on the show, an offer which was rejected, while RSPCA Australia senior communications officer Tim Hurd said the society was opposed to the use and promotion of aversive dog-training techniques.


such a shame Julia Moris tried to make it the julia moris show, severly over cooked naration

George and his dog are on tonight’s episode.

The Dogfather is back! In Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Leanna is living in darkness for fear of her Maltese Shih Tzu being set off by the outside world.

Can Graeme come to Leanna’s rescue?

Most Aussie cattle dogs love nothing more than the great outdoors, but stereotypes are put to the test when Graeme receives a distress call about Clyde, the cattle dog who freaks out when it’s time to go walkies.

Back in Sydney, Graeme heads to Bankstown to meet a master manipulator… and his dog.

Survivor star, George Mladenov, has outplayed and outwitted some of the fiercest competitors on Australian TV .

But George may have met his match in Maltese terrier, Douglas, whose insatiable appetite for human food is making a nightmare of family mealtimes. In this fierce battle of wills, who will come out top dog?

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Casting is now open for dog owners to take part in season 2.

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Series one final is 7 September.


Despite the series premiere being postponed twice due to MasterChef and then FIFA Women’s World Cup, I think the first season did a decent job for 10, holding itself in the 7.30pm timeslot against Home and Away and live NRL.

Hopefully next year’s season two will run longer than the eight episodes, it could easily go for 13-16 episodes.

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Less is more.

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