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Whether you like Offspring or not is besides the point. This is Nine’s issue they program and commission to kill off other shows on other networks and it backfires so often. Renovation Rumble v House Rules, Survivor US being moved to the main channel, The Hot Plate. Nine just need to focus on their own schedule instead of pitting shows up against others or commissioning to hurt other shows. I hope this again backfires on Nine. They will only learn when they hurt themselves in the process.

Nine have been their most successful when they program for themselves and commission for themselves. Back in the Room - although crap - was one of the success stories of the year and it was because it was different. The Block another unique show when it was recommissioned a few years back. The Voice - just another example.


Have a look at their sked.

Where else does it go?

Sunday you have Block and 60
Monday/Tuesday you have Block and Married
Thursday you have the Footy Shows leading into semis and finals
Friday you have a different sked for different states

Wednesday 8.30 is the only place in Nine’s sked.


Why does Married at First Sight have to screen on Monday night? This has been Nine’s Aussie drama night and they should keep it that way.

If I was Ten, I would start promoting hard against the show and accuse them of being an imitation. Whether it is or it isn’t it doesn’t matter. Nine often play dirty and Ten should too.


They have got a pretty full schedule, you are right, but why have they rushed this to air with less than 2 weeks of promotion? They could have promoted right and waited for Married at First Sight to finish its run.


Preview of Nine’s new drama available to stream via 9Now

Episode 1 of DOCTOR DOCTOR will be available to stream for a limited time from today, ahead of the broadcast premiere date of Wednesday, September 14.



Has anyone else watched the first episode? I can’t really say if I liked it or not. The acting is pretty good, definitely feels like McLeods Daughters and Royal Pains mixed together. Living in the country it is nice to have another rural based show but not everybody in the country are hicks.

It seems like it is a pleasant enough show but can’t say it will be a massive hit.When it airs against The Wrong Girl I will likely watch The Wrong Girl and tape Doctor Doctor.


Not overly impressed. The Wrong Girl looks as if it will much much better than this.


Encore tonight at 9.40pm.


It was meh. It was the usual typical mix of stereotypical quirky characters. I have to say I’m really over this push for ethnic diversity when they clearly don’t give a shit. I’ve lost count at how many males of Asian ethnicity are there solely for comedy relief and nothing else; why bother.

I’ve never really been impressed with Rodger Corser. He wasn’t an outright failure, but he never sold the wild asshole party boy either. He came across as a woefully inept tryhard. As for the sex scene with the sales rep. Please shove that hamfisted ‘edginess’ where the sun don’t shine. It felt really out of place and was incredibly stupid as it was played solely for ‘comedy’ where the ‘quirky’ ‘Asian’ can get humiliated. It was embarrassing above else.

Steve Bisley and Tina Bursill delivered. Actually everyone apart from Corser was really good. Loved the Irish nurse. Not sure on the Hayley McInnery character yet. I would have much preferred that she was a lesbian so we don’t get the usual pathetic match up between her and Hugh.

I also didn’t like the school teacher married to the brother. You just know her and Hugh have screwed before with the oh so obvious looks. Another cheap ‘soapy’ plot device.

I’m not sure what exactly it wants to be. A rural Sea Change or something with a bit more bite. I did love the location though and I didn’t outright hate any characters like 800 words. For a first episode I think they did a slightly above average job. It did feel a little rushed though especially in the beginning. I think there is a potential there and will watch next week.


Sunday Herald Sun says today the drama has been renewed for a second season. Nine’s executives revealed the decision to Rodger Corser during a cast dinner in Melbourne two weeks ago. Nine must be confident it can compete against whatever drama is on Ten next year.


And again on Tuesday night


Or the drama cupboard is bare and they’re too lazy to commission something better with more episodes. It’s also to be expected as they were crowing about a massive drama push. Reheated leftovers of House Husbands wasn’t going to fill the void alone.


Gave this show 15 minutes tonight, not interesting in the slightest… I eventually turned it off.



After an impressive premiere with more than two million viewers, Australia’s favourite new drama, DOCTOR DOCTOR, will return for a second series on the Nine Network.

The stellar cast of Rodger Corser (Hugh), Nicole da Silva (Charlie) Steve Bisley (Jim), Ryan Johnson (Matt), Tina Bursill (Meryl), Hayley McElhinney (Penny), Shalom Brune-Franklin (Aoife), Matt Castley (Ajax), Chloe Bayliss (Hayley), Charles Wu (Ken) and Belinda Bromilow (Betty) will all be back for series two.

In a joint statement, Nine’s Heads of Drama, Jo Rooney and Andy Ryan, said: “We are delighted with how Australian audiences have fallen in love with Doctor Doctor, an incredible cast and a story full of heart. We are looking forward to working with Essential Media & Entertainment on series two.”

Ian Collie from Essential Media & Entertainment said: “We love how the national audience has taken to Doctor Doctor. It’s a show with heart and smarts and thrilled that Nine are backing us to go again. Roll on season two!”

Doctor Doctor is produced by Essential Media & Entertainment for the Nine Network with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.


How was it 2 million? They must have totalled up all the screenings across the week?


Includes pets plus probably regional, consolidated + the 2-3 encores.


If they’re including encores now, this is a new way of reporting the performance of a show.

Do they still use people meters for pets? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pets are people too :smiley_cat:

Nine started talking up encores last year, saying that o/n numbers were not the way to measure the success of a show anymore and that all broadcasts need to be taken into account. Multichannel encores don’t get big numbers but sometimes main channel ones can add quite a bit. I think Nine were talking up the performance of The Voice at the time, saying with the Saturday encores the numbers were better than media were reporting.


Finally caught up with this show and I liked what they’ve done so far

I was a bit put off by the first episode when Hugh slept with the pharmaceutical rep in the hospital and then it seemed like he later also slept with the nurse. At first I thought, here we go again with another Nine drama depicting bedhopping males (Rescue Special Ops etc.). Luckily the second one didn’t actually happen so they redeemed themselves there.

The humour is great in the show and it makes me want to see more. A shame that they put it up against Offspring in its first week because I really think this show would appeal to a lot of Offspring fans too.


Casting for extras for season 2 is on 16 May in Mudgee.