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Though it was mentioned in the original account, it was officially announced today in the Screen Australia press release about funding that Dive Club had received part of the $5.9 million fund.

Dive Club: A 12-part teen mystery drama for Network 10 and Netflix. Filmed in Port Douglas, Queensland, the series centres on teenage divers Maddie, Lauren, Anna and Stevie. When Lauren goes missing after a cyclone, the group are plunged into a search that raises more questions the deeper they dive. Dive Club is written by Georgia Harrison ( Rip Tide ), Claire Harris ( Zelos ), Adrian Powers ( Paper Champions ), Caera Bradshaw and Drew Jarvis, and directed by Rhiannon Bannenberg ( Rip Tide ), Christine Luby ( This Little Love Of Mine ) and Hayley McFarlane ( Swimming for Gold ). The producers are Steve Jaggi ( Rip Tide ) and Spencer McLaren ( Swimming for Gold ). Made by The Steve Jaggi Company, this series is a Netflix and Network 10 co-production, with support from Screen Queensland.

A New Wave Of Teen Drama Here To Make A Splash.

Dive Club Premieres Saturday, 29 May At 6pm. On 10 Shake and 10 Play on Demand.

Forget what you know about television for young people, because this daring new series will blow the genre out of the water.

A captivating new series created specifically (which means they’ll actually want to watch it) for contemporary teen viewers, Dive Club will kick off with a movie length premiere Monday, 29 May at 6pm on 10 Shake and 10 Play on demand.

If you want your 13 year old thinking you’re a #coolmum, then get them off their iPads and on to Dive Club . Why not invite their besties over for a Saturday night slumber party? The parentals supervising can kick back enjoying some mummy and daddy “juice”, while being assured that the series, despite being bolder than any children’s drama we have ever produced, is still safe and appropriate viewing for young minds.

Dive Club is the story of 16-year-olds Maddie, Lauren, Anna and Stevie. On the surface they’re regular teenagers navigating life, friendship and romance, but under the water the skilled divers enter a whole new world of adventure.

It’s an idyllic existence that’s suddenly shattered when Cape Mercy is battered by a cyclone and Lauren, the group’s charismatic trailblazer, goes missing. The mystery of her disappearance, the arrival of a new friend, Izzie, and with suspicious holes in the official investigation, the girls are plunged into a desperate search of their own that raises more questions the deeper they dive.

With a storyline that hooks you from the start, the 12 episode series has standout performances from a talented, young cast including Miah Madden ( Australia Day, The Unlisted ), Georgia-May Davis ( Young Talent Time, Disney Backstage Pass ), Sana’a Shaik ( Reckoning, 2067 ), Mercy Cornwall ( The Heights ) and newcomer Aubri Ibrag.

Network 10 is extremely proud to continue its commitment to entertainment for younger audiences with Dive Club, a series that will take Australian made production in the Young Adult genre to a whole new level.

Created and produced by The Steve Jaggi Company, and filmed entirely on location in Far North Queensland, Dive Club is a Network 10 and Netflix co-production, with major production funding from Screen Australia and support from Screen Queensland.


It’s good they gave it a prime time slot. Usually these shows languish in Saturday and Sunday morning slots.


It could have been given a better prime time slot though. 7:00pm following neighbours or something.

Dive Club is on a different channel: 10 Shake. Neighbours is on 10 Peach.

Oh I forgot that it is hard to keep up with the different channels.

True, and I think the audiences for both shows would be quite different perhaps.

Otherwise they could still run both shows on their respective channels, but promo it as following each other and run a channel change advice to switch to Shake after Neighbours finishes.

So it’s on a channel only metro areas can access via free to air. Wonder why they don’t repeat it on 10 or 10 Peach .

First look

Looks good.

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10 Shake will screen the episodes in movie-length instalments across 4 weeks from this Saturday.

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That’s weird. Why not just screen half hour or doubles for one hour?


Great way to treat whatever children’s programming left at the network…not.

Seems good to giving it what I assume is prime time treatment. Half hour episodes would get lost in the schedule.

But 90 minutes every week is a big ask.

Perhaps, maybe double episodes would be better but networks are attempting to use more streaming focused viewing patterns to keep viewers engaged.

As TV.Cynic said, 30 minute episodes weekly would get lost in the schedule but 90 minute works as a movie length episode and suits how people are consuming content these days.

There is always other alternatives like using a PVR or watching On Demand on 10play to catch the series too, or Netflix once it’s finished it’s run on 10 I presume.

They really can’t win either way.

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