One thing that is certain, is 20C Fox’s Australia theatrical releasing and home entertainment offices in Moore Park will probably close and staff most likely become redundant.

Folding into Disney’s Australia theatrical releasing and home entertainment offices in South Yarra.



Does this mean Touchstone Pictures ceases to Exist?



I didn’t think Touchstone et al. had been active for some years now?

In terms of the library of Disney movies that were released under Touchstone et al. they’re still present on all copies (in fact they’re copyright to that name).



Yep. I think that was the main focus for the buyout/merger/takeover/whatever you’d like to call it - content.

You’ll have to have Disney+ for the Disney, Fox, Marvel, Pixar stuff, the Paramount app, the Warner Bros app, etc., to get what you want. This is why Netflix and Amazon is throwing money at anyone to produce stuff - build up the content libraries.

Stan is buggered unless it refocuses itself to Australian stuff, it won’t have the Disney stuff for much longer.



The Simpsons will be a massive drawcard for the Disney+ streaming service. It’s quite bizarre that the show can now be described as a Disney animated series…



That’s why Hugh Marks and Co were just in the US meeting with Disney, they’re hoping for a special exemption/arrangement!

Maybe. But with its age, I think most fans will have found other means (youtube, illegal downloads and unofficial streaming, itunes and 7mate or Fox8).



Some but likely not all. Disney plan on using Hulu for their more mature/adult content (e.g. https://techcrunch.com/2019/02/11/hulu-howard-the-duck/) and also want to expand it internationally.



The Big Six Film Studios has now the Big Fove as 20th Century Fox becomes a Disney Product, Expect the American Broadcasting Company’s ABC Studios and Fox’s Television Assets Merged into One.



This one from The Simpsons showrunner Al Jean:



So I take it “Die Hard” and “Speed” and “Taken” won’t be on Disney+ but rather Hulu?



While Stan was boosted by the arrival of the Disney library, it was doing decently before then so think they should be okay if Disney+ does launch in Australia. If they lost the first-run rights to Showtime programming though down-the-line, they could find themselves in some trouble.



Considering that is CBS content, with All Access that might just happen.



Report from Nine News:



The merger has claimed its first major victim: Fox 2000 Pictures, a subsidiary of 20th Century Fox, will close later this year, after producing one last movie.

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Not surprising since the Fox branding is being phased out.



I’ve never fully understood this label/division.

A slew of movies in the late 1990s/early 2000s used this. Yet there was no specific logo for it, only mentioned in credits.

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In happy contrast, Fox Searchlight Pictures will apparently continue untouched according to Disney CEO Bob Iger. Makes sense considering their angle is different to Disney’s typical film catalogue. Though ditching the “Fox” is probably on the cards.

“We have every intention once the acquisition is approved to maintain the business of Fox Searchlight,” Iger told shareholders gathered at Disney’s Annual Meeting in Houston. “We think they’re in the business of making high quality films.”

“It was easy to root for Fox Searchlight [at the Oscars].”



The Hollywood Reporter reports 20th Century Fox film president of distribution Chris Aronson has been informed that he won’t be joining Disney. He’s being given 60 days notice.

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Wait, so now 20C Fox isn’t being kept?



Disney would be stupid to let the 20th Century Fox label die off. Fox 2000, sure. If anything, I could see Touchstone be subsumed by 20th Century Fox, if it was still alive.

You’d approach it like this:

Disney - the animated movies, the remakes, the family friendly stuff.’
Marvel - enough said
Pixar - enough said
Fox Searchlight - arthouse
20th Century Fox - Star Wars and anything else that isn’t above here

but of course, it’s not the name they wanted, it’s the content.

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