Digital TV Technical Discussion


Aldi have a UHF antenna selling in their locked glass clase.

I dropped in to have a look.

It’s not great. Gain is 5.5 dBi. $49

There’s a mounting bracket included that gives you 400mm, not enough to be above the roof in poor conditions.

Would not buy even if offered for $20.

Keen to read thoughts if others have seen it or even bought one.


I got a new extension cable for my bedroom TV from the MyFun(?) store in Lanyon Marketplace. Length is 7.5 meters, and can get all TV transmitters from Canberra perfectly!


Handy Seven?


If they wanted to add them, could Southern Cross fit 7HD, 7flix and 7food into their suite of Seven channels in Darwin? They currently have:
7mate HD



It seems possible, but I reckon they’ll drop the least important datacast channel.


Wonder if they’d move TVSN onto the Ten multiplex


They should but I’m not aware of any JV having datacast services. They probably want 100% of the revenue instead of splitting it with their competitor.

SCA does utilise their Ten multiplex in their solus SA market for both TVSN and SBN.


Does 9NBN broadcast Your Money on channel 85?


Yes it does.


Great discussion topics within this thread of late. More of it please.


With the Channel 10 relaunch, I did a rescan of my TV to get the new LCN names, and I got a couple of surprises.

WIN Newcastle = new names of BOSS Newcastle and PEACH Newcastle

TEN Sydney = still shows as ONE and ELEVEN… ???

What is going on there, 10?


Same here in Melbourne too.


Not to mention the main (SD) channel still running the “TEN Digital” LCN name.

Come on guys, Australia hasn’t had analogue transmissions for almost half a decade now. Change it to “Channel 10” or “10 (City)” or something please!


This is the box art of my Laser set top box.The logos seen are SBS Food Network, 9Life, 7flix, Ten HD, ABC News 24 and 9HD.
EDIT: Here’s a better quality image (not mine):


Channel Ten has had a re-brand last night


Yes, I knew that they had rebranded, but was pointing out that they hadn’t updated the LCN names as of last night, yet WIN were able to do so.


Ok not sure about last night but here in Toowoomba this morning at 8AM both 10 Brisbane and WIN Toowoomba had the new names


As per another topic, the LCNs were just updated:
1 10 Boss
10 10
11 10 Peach
12 10 Boss
13 10 HD

No changes for 14 and 15.


I just noticed that Free TV is conducting a DVB-T2 / 4K trial on the Gold Coast that started last week, and it appears there will be another trial in March and April 2019 in Brisbane and the Gold Coast according to the ACMA database.

Licences are here:


Yeah I’ve known about it for months but couldn’t comment, there will be a long range SFN DVB-T2 trial between Brisbane & the Gold Coast later.