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It says Life should be available too. Have we missed a channel launch or has FreeTV stuffed it up?


For the most part that is right however commercials and news, weather and sport updates are different.

When down south in Jervis Bay region the antenna is pointing south not north and as such the commercial FTA is based on NSW SOUTH COAST and most of that is from Canberra, its always fun to see ads for some smash repairs in Wagga which is some 300km away or getting a weather update for Bega, I could change the direction of the antenna to face north but that is patchy at best even though the main transmission tower is based in North Nowra which is about 35km away, either way its commercials and news/weather and sports updates, do you want news about the Raiders or the Dragons…


Masthead amp and high gain antenna for block C channels will get you the Illawarra signal from Knights Hill.


Hopefully a sign of changes to come

Last time I checked WIN SA still had 7TWO on 66 and 9LIFE was nowhere to be seen since the affiliation swap.


Abbreviated for Sky News On WIN.


nah can’t be bothered, the South Coast channels are fine, as I said its pretty much the same thing barring commercials and news/weather/sport updates.

The funny thing is I get near 100% from Little Forrest repeater which is further away because its in the 500Mhz band over the north Nowra tower which is in the 600Mhz range.

Either way its at near 100% for quality and reception and I am only down south maybe up to 6 times a year, so its all good.


A power outage hit Mt Major (Shepparton/Goulburn Valley) for more than an hour during prime-time tonight.

It’s interesting (and also quite worrying) that it appears only WIN has some type of UPS in place. ABC, SBS, Prime7 & SCA all via the Broadcast Australia site were off-air.

On the radio side of things, only the SCA stations (Hit96.9 & 95.3 Triple M) survived - the rest just dead air.


Some odd goings on in the Mount Gambier market causing Samsung TVs to switch themselves off.


And Riverland by the looks of it. Both WIN solus markets, surely has to do with them getting ready for Sky News on WIN?

There has been no channel 83 since the affiliation swap, not even a WIN Network placeholder. The channel was removed altogether. (Although, FreeTV docs suggest WIN will rebroadcast 9LIFE once more on channel 54, another channel that doesn’t currently ‘exist’)


Wouldn’t surprise me, I had problems for most of the last year with my Fetch only on WIN channels where it would only get WIN (8) and One, none of the other channels or the HD or shopping channels. It mysteriously just got fixed a week or so ago.

I heard when I was talking to Harvey Norman that there was a similar issue affecting one brand of TV’s in one region of Victoria too. Can’t remember which brand but it was also with WIN. Not sure what they do differently but there’s something odd with them!


There’s something odd with WIN, that’s for sure :smile:


That’s the only change. It’s not the software otherwise sets would malfunction regardless of the broadcast signals.

If the TV malfunctions, it’s likely WIN have created an error in what information they’re sending. All commercial signals are sent by the one operator, so there’s clearly the error there.


Anyone able to explain to me why I am receiving some weird type of pixelation on most of my channels (I am receiving via VLC with a DVB-T Tuner USB. Am I not locked onto the frequencies right? (The TV doesn’t get that pixelation)


Got any other examples?

PS - is that live or a recording?


Live and recordings
It’s pretty faint on some but you can see it if you look closely


Is it a desktop or laptop. High end specs or old? Recent development or just today?


Laptop bought in April this year, I7-7700HQ, GTX 1060 So just about High spec i’d call it It’s just today.


Something in the antenna input? Some signal getting into the system from outside via antenna. Check antenna cable, plug into USB and even proximity of antenna cable to power cords, modem, wi-fi, mobile phone etc.


Replugged and it’s even worse now


Is there an external antenna? Possible loose antenna connection/plug/cable - that would be the easiest; is there a short cable run to wall socket?