Digital TV Technical Discussion


There is apparently a second channel now.


I still can’t get the VHF 10 test signal up here near Newcastle.

Might still be low power?

I also tried for the UHF 29 relay from Manly/Mosman or Kings Cross, couldn’t get that either, but that was more in faint hope than anything.


VHF Ch. 10 was ramped up to full 50kW power last Thursday, North Head went on air before dawn Thursday morning, Kings Cross went on air before dawn Saturday morning.


I still see only one stream on the DVB-T2 mux. The network details have changed, however:

Network name: Australian Test Transmission
Original network name: Australian Digital Terrestrial Television
Service name: Test Transmission
Provider name: Australian Television Networks

That’s ironic, because the demo loop is now Newcastle scenery. Screenshot:

I could probably post a video of the loop if anyone’s interested.


Hopefully they will have some actual programs during the test, like some live NRL, AFL, EPL etc.


I can’t see that happening… it’s only a test.

Though it would be GREAT to see some 4K content on it.


Anyone else still having problems with the Seven EPG? Mine has been off since about Sunday. Currently it is showing The Morning Show (which was hours ago).


I’m assuming via HSV? All fine here.


Via Sydney, for me, it is not displaying “Now” or “Next” info via the info button or when changing channels.

But everything is correct when opened up in the full EPG.


Yes via HSV7. I might need to retune my TV.


Now receiving the pictures of the 4K loop on the Sony Kd-55x700e, yes it is showing Newcastle beaches, and the Great North Walk at the Newcastle end.
Pictures looks great. However some of the 4K videos on YouTube look sharper.


Is the video on the test transmission on VHF 10 1080 HD or 4K?

Have they made any changes to the broadcast, as previously my TV could not decode the picture?


It’s 1080P HD and I think they might have modified the system for it to be compatible with more TV’s.


They probably changed the video codecs from HEVC to MPEG4?

Since the Sydney DVB-T2 broadcasts are being done as part of a technical trial, they’d undoubtedly be testing all sorts of configurations.


Thank you, the picture did not look sharp enough to be 4K.

I thought the purpose of the test was to broadcast 4K on DVB-T2?


The transmission is currently HEVC @ 1080p.

Yes, they have changed the configuration, but no change to resolution or codec (HEVC).


I have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-935 DTV/DTV-T2 USB Tuner. Over the past couple of days I’ve been trying to get the included software WinTV 8.5 to display the DVB-T2 test but it didn’t work no matter what I did. Tonight I used VLC media player for Windows to open the tuner, and it worked.


I am now getting the Test transmission from Sydney on VHF 10 / LCN 401 (finally!).

Reception is a bit better than average tonight, strength and quality are both 100%, whereas previously it was zilch for both.

Great quality picture and scenery of my hometown, Newcastle.
Best I’ve seen on FTA or FOXTEL HD.
Shame it’s only 4 mins long.

Does anyone know what bit rate this is running at?
I know @tvcl has reported that it’s 1080p HEVC .


About 7.5 Mbps currently.



Alas, it’s gone again tonight.

Still getting the other VHF channels though with no major problems.