Digital TV Technical Discussion

Can confirm that in SE South Australia, the network / callsign alignment is as below

SES = Nine
SDS = Seven
MGS = Ten

I think these may have changed a few times when WIN dropped Nine, went to Seven, then to Ten, and back to Nine as its main affiliate here.


Fair to say that up in the Riverland it’s the following…

RTS = Nine
RDS = Seven
LRS = Ten

I know that there had been some confusion about the callsigns in Griffith but I can confirm that MTN does indeed carry the Seven signal in the MIA.


Agree with Riverland (not having seen it) but given its also a WIN owned solus market as the SE is, agree that is a logical assumption.

Interesting that MTN doesn’t carry Nine though, using that same assumption.

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Thank you both for the suggestions!

I tried the antenna, and it unfortunately didn’t work out for me, so probably will take it back.

However, I actually got a different idea up my sleeve now, and I have just added this to my cart, to turn my Raspberry Pi (which has been collecting dust lol) into a mini DVB server! I have tested the outdoor antenna socket to my rental house (which I really should have done in the first place, but had stigma from the last rental with its outdoor antenna not working at all), so I hope all this works out for a cheap solution to free to air channels without the need of streaming services making you log in, and whatnot! :smiley:


Streaming does have its place, but terrestrial is always my FTA viewing source whereever possible. I don’t like that the ads on streaming are different to terrestrial eg. for Sydney and that you can’t pause/rewind like you can with a PVR. And it’s more reliable, not having to log in etc as you said. And no waiting for it to start etc.


I have a Pi TV hat setup. It works great I have all the channels in a VLC playlist for easy access.

You can also get a special case that fits the Pi and TV hat


and here we go!

Picture is really good, and can access all the FTA channels on Plex now through a bridge server that converts the TVHeadend software on the Pi to something that can emulate a HDHomeRun device that works with Plex.

Downside is, the TV hat only has one tuner, so I can’t watch live while I am recording something, but might invest in a coaxial splitter, and a USB tuner in addition to the TV hat to overcome this.


Nine seems to be the only network with a DST placeholder in their EPG.

Oddly it goes for TWO hours… ?


I’ve never thought to check how this works at the WA end. Trying to get my head around this!

Doesn’t WA require an extra hour of programming to go from 2 to 3 hours time differance? Straight forward though for the live channels, eg ABCNews24.

ABCNews24 has a 0 minute program in the guide at 1am WA time. Nothing else noted.


The commercial channels will probably just chuck in another hour of Infomercials :wink:


It appears to be two hours, but is actually only one, considering the time goes 1:59 straight to 3:00.


Usually the previous hour is repeated right?

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ABC is fairly easy, just insert another hour of Rage, and the multi-channels are off air before 2am.

I did bother to look at what happened in the schedules for the others though. I was comparing Sydney with Perth but I can’t imagine there would’ve been any nuances elsewhere (say Brisbane).

Seven did the extra hour of home shopping, so only one hour (3-4am) in DST states but two (2-4am) in non-DST.

Nine looks like it added an extra long-form lifestyle program in as home shopping started at 3.05am everywhere. Overnight was filled with a big lifestyle filler promoting the Gold Coast, but non-DST states got an extra Drive Safe infotainment thingo.

SBS One added an extra Ernie Dingo doco at 2am (not the same as the episode that aired at 3am) as part of showing NITV content overnight. Viceland and World Watch had gone to NHK World Japan and France 24 before 2am; I’m not sure whether they’d normally go to the former that early but deferring to it at 1.50am surely makes it easier to handle the time change. (Oh… World Movies dumped two old episodes of The Movie Show to fill in that hour.)

Ten as usual was already knee-deep in infomercials by 2am. Not bothering too much to look more deeply at the commercial multis.


I have that same setup with my HDHomeRun, but it’s just that and Plex.