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I for one would have liked to have had every new channel that has started in the past year be in MPEG4. Then start changing the existing channels over, the sooner we can get rid of MPEG2 the better, then all the channels can be in HD.
We need to drag ourselves into the 21st century, the reality is that MPEG4 is old technology in many parts of the world.

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7HD already exists in metropolitan markets - though outside of Melbourne and Adelaide, it’s a HD simulcast of 7mate

Pretty sure it doesn’t exist in regional Qld.

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Ah, I stand corrected!

So in metro regions there is a channel called 7HD which is simiulcasting 7 Mate all the time ?

Why not just have 7HD as a copy of the main Ch 7 channel or is that the plan eventually ?

See the following for explanation of 7HD and where it can be received.

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Seven themselves are now admitting the change to MPEG2 (well…sort of) in a promo proclaiming that 7Flix is “now available on more TVs”:

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will wait for the fake 7flix accounts to follow suit in promotion :rolling_eyes:

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Seven really have lost it. Who are these people with MPEG2 only receivers?

My parents. Bought their current set in late 2008 just before MPEG4 was becoming installed in tuners. They know they’re missing out on some new channels but shrug their shoulders and say they’re probably not missing much. They’re not about to rush out to upgrade :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would say probably a significant chunk (maybe not a majority, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around 30-40%) of viewers.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if Seven wanted to originally broadcast 7Flix in MPEG2 (afterall, 9Life and SBS Food Network are in MPEG2…and those channels only launched in November last year!) but because of 4ME, they couldn’t. Now that 4ME has closed down and additional bandwidth that can be used, there’s enough space to make 7Flix a decent enough quality MPEG2 channel.


I would think that more than 50% of the population would not have MPEG 4 receivers.


I get the feeling 7flix is MPEG2 now. The television I’m using right now (uncle) is receiving 7flix fine while it hasn’t picked up 9HD 7HD or 10HD. Can anyone confirm this???

EDIT never mind read above :stuck_out_tongue:

You can buy a MPEG4 receiver for $30.

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Well, cost while a consideration, isn’t a big impediment then.

Lack of awareness that a set top box would solve the problem is the problem.

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I agree although how many manufacturers of digital TV equipment clearly specify whether or not it’s capable of receiving MPEG4 channels? That’s also a potential problem…

It’s also a pain in the arse to have to use a set top box… For your average viewer, it’s not just buying the set top box, it’s also getting it set up which they may not be able to do themselves, and then yet another remote to work out how use and not lose… All for content that they don’t think they want or is exactly the same as what they can in the case of the HD channels.

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What’s next ? Seven announcing they will change all their channels to SD ? lol

Even their approach to HD is a joke. Probably will be the last main channel to change to HD and won’t happen till late 2017 .

Was this also aimed at increasing the audience share for 7 Flix as I see it got 1.8 percent last night which was up or is this usual for Thursdays ?

If they had advertised what MPEG-4 is then they probably would have not had to go back to MPEG–2.

Edited to add … it is like downgrading an operating system on a computer because not everyone has it yet. Even though the new system is better technologically. Well I sort of see it like that.


Heard rumours that 7 plan on turning back on their analogue signals for senior citizens who haven’t had a working TV For the past 4 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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