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They’ve changed in Brisbane too. Can anyone on the Gold Coast rescan and see if it comes up ‘7 Gold Coast’?

Thanks to a post in another forum, I’ve noticed that 7flix is now transmitting in MPEG-2.


scrapping 4ME must have made it possible :slight_smile:

I hope they’re also updating this in Ayr near Townsville they had issues not getting 7flix!


After checking on a TV that can’t receive MPEG4 channels, I can confirm that 7Flix is now an MPEG2 channel.

One good thing about this change, at least the audio quality of 7Flix is now on par with the other SD channels rather than a dodgy low bitrate online stream!

I agree. Now they need to work on equalising out the transmission of the HD channel!

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Updated channel grid to reflect change.

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Not at all surprised, very dumb decision to launch in MPEG-4.


I agree.

Now that it’s in MPEG2, lets see if the ratings of 7Flix improve…

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I don’t think it was a dumb decision but I do think the non existent education campaigns (from all networks) has done none of them any favours.

I don’t imagine much will change I think the channel’s biggest problem is content


a name change and some better content would help

Perhaps The Goldbergs :slight_smile:

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You suggesting the name, the content or both :stuck_out_tongue:

why not 7Family as originally suggested, family comedies, movies, drama. Stronger branding.

Doesn’t this take up more space in MPEG-2 ?

Wouldn’t this be better in mpeg4 for when 7HD arrives?

I for one would have liked to have had every new channel that has started in the past year be in MPEG4. Then start changing the existing channels over, the sooner we can get rid of MPEG2 the better, then all the channels can be in HD.
We need to drag ourselves into the 21st century, the reality is that MPEG4 is old technology in many parts of the world.

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7HD already exists in metropolitan markets - though outside of Melbourne and Adelaide, it’s a HD simulcast of 7mate

Pretty sure it doesn’t exist in regional Qld.

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Ah, I stand corrected!

So in metro regions there is a channel called 7HD which is simiulcasting 7 Mate all the time ?

Why not just have 7HD as a copy of the main Ch 7 channel or is that the plan eventually ?

See the following for explanation of 7HD and where it can be received.

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