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No, but my experience with cheaper radios is not about longevity, it’s usually that they are not as easy to use and/or have tinny sound and/or inferior reception.


I took the risk and got one. Let us see how bad it is.


My expectations are low, but it can be used to answer calls which is cool.


I’d consider picking one up. Looks like it could be used as a remote for listening to music on your phone.


One way to get the headphone jack back on my HTC phone (other than a “traditional dongle”). I am not really clear how it will work. Full review to come :slight_smile:.


Proposal to increase digital radio power in Canberra

Executive summary

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is proposing to make a variation to the Radiocommunications (Digital Radio Channels – NSW/ACT) Plan 2007, which contains the digital radio channel plan for the Canberra RA1 licence area.

The proposed variation will change the technical specifications of the digital radio multiplex transmitters in Canberra RA1. It is proposed that the maximum output radiation pattern for the category 1 and category 3 digital radio multiplex transmitter licences be increased from 5 kW to 20 kW effective radiated power.

The ACMA welcomes comments from stakeholders on the proposal to make the Radiocommunications (Digital Radio Channels — NSW/ACT) Plan Variation 2018 (No.1).


As many submissions as possible are needed on this.

This should be the starting point, to have planned the Gold Coast on 5kW, the multi site disaster that it is is an embarrassment and unviable.


It is excellent news that ACMA are considering the increase to 20KW for Canberra’s DAB+ services from the current 3.1KW trial that is still in place.

What I find interesting in the proposal is the talk of overspill approximately 5% into the Katoomba licence area which will be co-channeled. My coverage maps show no overspill at all into this licence area, is ACMA referring to ducting here???

The top map is 20KW proposed coverage, and the bottom one is the current 3.1KW dab+ trial
green coverage is 64db suburban coverage and yellow 50db mobile vecihle coverage.

At 20KW Coverage will generally be improved in Canberra, but infills will still be needed in Tuggeranong to cover areas shaded by Mt Taylor. Coverage will be improved in Yass, but will still be patchy in places, so an infill will still be required there to provide complete coverage to the town.
Bungendore is just in the licence area and would have reception similar to Yass, this would require an infill as well.

In relation to overspill at 20KW, there will be more overspill into the Goulburn licence area then Cooma as the Cooma licence area is heavily shaded by the Brindies.

There will be near continuous car coverage to Goulburn, with extreme shading along Lake George, no infills here as this is in the Goulburn licence area.
There will be some slight overspill into the Young licence area based on my coverage tool.

In relation to submissions, from previous submissions Capital Radio have stated they will support the increase to 20KW even with the overspill into their Goulburn licence area. The only ones that could comment against it could be BOG/ SRN.
I think other then that everyone will support it.


Good question, it’s worthwhile emailing ACMA for further details.

I’m curious of the mention of overspill to Wangaratta and other markets mentioned, so ACMA have done planning but not released it?

On Brisbane digital radio, two items:

The Canberra proposal to vary on p.9 has a reminder of a concerning legislative provision. s44A(11). No discrimination in tech specs.

It would be great for 9C in Bris with the ABC/SBS signals to be ERP 50kW OD, improve digital coverage into Ipswich, north to Caboolture and east to Redland City. No concern to adjacent licences as reception in analogue is already good for most national signals.

Other matter is the weather today in Brisbane, has it decreased reception of digital radio or are they on lower power for maintenance?


Remember ACMA released a planning schedule this outlining when and what radio consultations would be released?

Canberra digital revision is out. When will the Gold Coast one be out?


Wasn’t that really just for analogue radio (not digital)?


I thought it was for both, I may have time to look it up today around lunch, will see.


From CRA:

The commercial radio industry is joining forces with leading digital radio brand Pure to launch an aggressive retail campaign aimed at putting DAB+ radios high on Christmas shopping lists this year.

Consumers can receive up to $100 cashback if they purchase a Pure digital radio from participating major retailers including Myer, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, David Jones and Amazon during the promotion period.

Radio will support the offer with more than $2 million worth of on-air advertising and product giveaways across commercial radio stations in the five major capital cities.

Read more here.

Also, the above article says that permanent commercial DAB+ services in Canberra, Hobart & Darwin will commence next year.


Funny how they’re suddenly making a big comeback to Australia after disappearing for years. New distributor I guess.


In my experience, Sangean and Sony make the best DAB radios. I didn’t find Pure to be all that good, there’s no dedicated tuning control on the one I have, which is really annoying.


Same here. Sensitivity was a lot worse on DAB and FM than radios from those companies you mention.

But they did come in nice wooden cases :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just heard a lengthy DAB promo on 2CH, promoting sound quality, how they are subscription and sign up fee free, how they cost as little as $29, and how it’s now standard in many cars.

It also included the laughable catch line “When you buy a DAB Plus receiver, you won’t be keeping up with the Joneses, they’ll be keeping up with you!” (despite DAB having been on air for 9 years already).

Good on them for promoting it though, and for keeping the main channel at 128 kbps.


They are not referring Alan Jones? Sorry bad dad joke.


There is no Pure Digital radios listed at JB Hi Fi site


Sangean: Overpriced but some have good functions such as sorting stations by ensemble, the logical way. Threshold for reception high.

Pure: total rubbish, poor build quality, even worse at receiving in low signal situations than the Sangean. Do not buy.

Sony: the only digital radio manufacturer that I’ve managed to reliably receive in low signal situations. Yet to own for long enough to ascertain build quality etc, unfortunately doesn’t display stations by ensemble.