Digital Radio


Yes, I agree, even in my Ford Focus with it’s very impressive Sync3 multimedia system, there isn’t an easy way to change stations when streaming via any app (using Android Auto).


If I recall correctly I have read somewhere that ACMA may allocate new analogue services without an accompanying DAB service.


Though obviously it would be quite nice in Perth if allocating another analogue license did get them the other DAB multiplex.

Bit rates are way too crushed in Perth and they miss out on a bunch of the new stations.

Obviously though it would be too limiting on future FM allocations if they needed to somehow reserve DAB space for them. I suppose they should have done the excess capacity auctions with a 10 year license or something, that way it would be both recurring revenue and give a chance for new entrants.


Bit rates are crushed everywhere else too.

If they got a 3rd multiplex, the end result is likely to be more stations, not increased bit rates.


But that is by choice not by design, especially for Brisbane which (still?) has excess or unused capacity.

Which I suspected is untested. Certainly if there is no spare capacity you have no choice but Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane do (via a 3rd multiplex or using any remaining capacity that is there).


As I’m sure @TV.Cynic can confirm, Brisbane is currently running two DAB+ multiplexes for commercial/community services just like Sydney & Melbourne.


Brisbane does have excess capacity, iirc, as the excess was not all sold at the auction.


was there any reason given why? future govmental use or somehting?


There was a lack of bidders, iirc. 4BC didn’t bid for any extra capacity for example.


More importantly, Brisbane has only one more commercial radio station (7 in all) than Perth or Adelaide (with 6) but two commercial DAB multiplexes rather than one Syd/Melb have around 10 stations and also two commercial DAB multiplexes.


Brisbane has 8 commercial radio stations.


Brisbane has 8 commercial stations, 4 AM and 4 FM. I believe there is some DAB capacity.


My local patisserie had iHeart Radio 90s on this morning; I’m not sure whether via DAB or streaming. This is the first time I’ve heard a DAB only channel as background music in a store.

(Apologies for derailing the flow of discussion in this thread).


Perfectly appropriate.

If they are in a good DAB reception area, it would be a bit pointless to use Wifi or worse still, mobile data since that is largely capped and both internet forms are subject to drop outs and buffering.


Koffee is the one I’ve heard the most in places. Well I suppose aside from Coles Radio…


Really? I hear it all the time in shops and cafes. Usually Smooth, Koffee, SBS Chill but also The 80s occasionally. I haven’t heard The 90s in a shop yet though.


I guessed 7 from and I am sure I only see 7 commercial stations (plus the 5 ABC stations, 12 in total) vs Perth where there is one less (commercial) station, and I know Perth only has 6!


4TAB is a commercial station but does not participate in ratings surveys.


Isn’t Brisbane effectively short of one commercial FM radio station? I thought 4KQ failed to cough up for the conversion that they won in the auction in the early 90s. And no one else took their place.

I’m sure someone will put me right!


They were 1 short for a while, but in the early 2000s they got 2 new commercial FM licences whereas Adelaide and Perth each only got 1 new licence.