Death of Michael Jackson

Ten years ago, today, on 26 June 2009, Australians woke to the news of Michael Jackson being hospitalised but just before 8am TMZ reported he had died.


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Let’s not forget Richard Wilkins announced that Jeff Goldblum died while filming live on air while reporting MJ’s death on Today.

It was later announced as fake with NZ Police saying he’s alive


Nine also launched their short-lived afternoon news show “This Afternoon” 10 years ago today covering Jacko’s death.

It lasted only a few weeks before being axed.

Melbourne news covering Michael Jackson’s death


I remember where I was when I heard Elvis Presley (1977), John Lennon (1980) and Karen Carpenter (1983) had died but couldn’t tell you what I was doing the day Jackson passed. His music was a huge part of my childhood, probably more so than the music of those listed, but the enjoyment of it was tainted by scandal and his wacky behaviour and I stopped caring.


Only one US cable television special aired for the anniversary, all other networks pretty much ignored it, and what had been planned was dropped.


I remember vividly where I was, actually watching a TV news bulletin and by coincidence.

Ron Wilson was presenting Ten’s Morning News at 11am (as he did each Thursday and Friday then, because Natarsha Belling also did Weekend News).

He immediately crossed live to US Bureau Chief Nicole Strahan in LA, standing on the ground with tons of public crowds and helicopters and it was windy, outside where the Ambulance was driving away.

It was a massive, massive shock to hear/see first.

NB/ Nicole returned to Australia a week or two after, incidentally replaced by Emma Dallimore from Ten News Brisbane.

Some breaking news tweets on the day.

US news reporting his death

FOX News



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