Deal or No Deal

7 tried a primetime version in 2003 based on the original Dutch format with a $2,000,000 top prize but it only lasted one year and became the weeknight show we all knew and love from 2004-2013.

I wonder if innovation here could be adjusting the way the Banker is presented - rather than the ‘shadowy figure’ they’ve gone with in the past, but actually making interactions between the contestant and banker, having them taunt the player, make joke offers, etc.

You could have a relatively unknown performer do that, but it might take the edge off just how much the show will live or die based on how well the host can extract banter out of the contestants.

The only other thing - and the comment about the old way of selecting the contestant had me thinking - maybe a quiz show element where the player has to build what the top prize is - so the max case having ‘jackpot’ not the $ amount. Could potentially allow the show to be cheapened by making the default max prize 100k or something, but being able to sell it as ‘up to 500k’ or something.


The top prize of $200k has only gone off 4 times in the history of the show - that’s over 2000 episode.

While you proposed an interesting game mechanic, you’re barely saving anything in adjusting the top prize.

If they really were deadset on saving, the banker should be a little more stingy in offers and a few of the lower amounts should be decreased.

Ten could try something like this in the reboot to make DoND entertaining

It’s not the $200k as a prize - it’s the effect it has dragging up the value of what is seen as a ‘fair’ offer when the big cases are still in play.

Family Feud had a $10k prize for winning, while someone did the math on the 7 version and the average contestant made more money than that each episode,


Like The Chase?

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With all these new quiz shows popping up, anyone having flashbacks to 1989?


Was this the same as Bert & Patti Newton’s Ford Superquiz (1981–82) which was based on Bob and Dolly Dyer’s Pick a Box (1957–71)?

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I hope they don’t simulcast Deal across three channels like what they did with Feud!


Steve Jacob’s to host? Random thought.


What is Baby John Burgess doing these days?

He does Saturday morning here in Perth also he’s 80 so I doubt he’d be willing to commit to hosting a 5-day-week game show.

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Also not to be rude but for the longevity of the show, not really the ideal choice

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The ideal choice for host is Andrew O’Keefe. Imagine the publicity and ratings, at least in the short term. But even he can’t save this if it goes to the 6pm slot.

Chrissie Swan will probably get the gig.

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You are joking correct?

please be joking…


I don’t care for him, but he will bring in publicity and ratings, and this show needs all the help it can get.

6:30pm start would at least give the show a chance.

How do you figure that? The 6:30pm portion of the news often outrates the preceding half hour, so would be even more competitive.

They sure as hell aren’t going anywhere near him and they’d likely get slaughtered by the public if they did.


He is being charged for some heinous crimes. He is also an admitted drug addict.

Yes he has a presumption of innocence until proven guilty but there is no way in the world a network would go near him to present anything.


Agree. His TV career is well and truly over. However they do need someone like him.

A lot of Deal’s longevity in the old days was down to his improv ability/somehow making each show become a narrative around the contestant. He’d find a hook and milk it for 30 mins. From memory most contestants would have a partner with a briefcase too which allowed him to bounce off two people.

Someone like Chrissie Swan wouldn’t work here, really need a comedian/someone excellent with ad lib