Daylight Saving



They need to just split the state, draw a border at the top of SA across. The bottom bit gets DST, the top doesn’t.


Was the holdout in deference to the Queensland royal family, but with Florence Bjelke-Petersen passing in December last year it’s now ok to change to daylight savings?


Apart from North Queensland which usually gets their better weather at the opposite end of the year to the months DST would operate in, hasn’t one of the arguments against Daylight Saving been that there’s towns in Queensland that are further West than any of NSW or Victoria? Although with South Australia having DST, it’s probably a moot point.

I’m not sure how it’d work realistically, but somehow I get the impression that Daylight Saving would only work in Queensland if you could find a way to implement it only in the South East (even then, it might only work there from November to February rather than the current half year run of the other four states & one territory) while allowing those up North/out West who probably don’t want a bar of DST to remain on AEST year round.


Can we just all get rid of DST? All this fuss over something that has arguably negligible effects but screws over our body clocks.

Other than synchronising with the southeastern states, what are the reasons for QLD to get DST?


Can we all just use DST and stop the constant whingeing?


Me says NO to being woken up by the sun at 4:30am in summer.


I always close the curtains.


I usually have the blinds up to let in a bit of breeze or air flow in (unless it’s a really HOT night).


bring on DST, as the days get longer the better it become.

If a few zombies in QLD can’t figure it out then so be it , their loss.


Of course there’s probably plenty of people who are already awake at 5am with our increasingly earlier commute times but when the minimum temperatures sometimes don’t even go under 20°C during the Summer (from a local perspective, there’s been days in recent Summers when even Katoomba of all places hasn’t dipped below 20°C for a minimum), surely having DST and the coolest part of the day an hour later when more people are awake is a good thing?


It is interesting that daylight saving is getting increasing support even in North Queensland. It’s not a bad idea to giving DST another trial in the state.


I am not one of those people.
I need my beauty sleep


Yes… I loved it when it was here in Perth. :stuck_out_tongue: but the idiots spoke.


Yeah, I’d love sunshine around 4.25am instead of 7.55pm in summer…


who were the majority of people that said no, you can’t say that they were the idiot ones.


No, they were.


I’m glad we don’t have it in WA. It doesn’t work over here for good reasons.

Uh, hardly.


Sounds like you were one of them.


Yeah I voted no along with most of WA. It works for the eastern states, just not here.