Cyclone Jasper - Media Coverage

Discuss media coverage on QLD’s Cyclone Jasper which is set to hit on 13th of December.


Don’t think anyone’s using this…

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yep, closed.

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The cyclone hasn’t hit yet.


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Catastrophic flooding across Far North Queensland off the back of Jasper… how is media responding?

ABC News is airing a 7:30 repeat, Sky News is fawning over a Victorian upper house MP who was booted from the Liberal Party.

News channels my arse.

I agree it’s fairly serious. Those areas from Cairns airport up to Port Douglas, more so the areas closer to Cairns, are in huge trouble.

They won’t be able to get reporters up there as it’s all cut off, the ABC should be nailing this, they do have local reporters up there. They also have Tom Saunders who can provide some great in depth reporting on the meteorological status, something the rivals don’t have with clown like weather presenters each morning.

why do you say it’s bizarre?

Bizarre was referring to the story about the NSW roads (see the post above).

A story about the flooding is totally valid

I guess the counterpoint the southern news media would do is “eh, it only crossed at category 2” - those things feel like they hit the north just about every year, although the relative closeness to Port Douglas and Cairns makes it perhaps more newsworthy.

Jasper took a bit of a weird path, in that there was more than a week’s lead time, and there was more coverage of it reaching near-cat 5… when it was still 1000 km off the coast… then it died out and only regained cat 2 by landfall.

If it had made landfall at cat 4 or 5, or hit further south as its initial trajectory was looking at, you’d might heard a lot more than you did.

It’s something at least the ABC likely should be covering… of course the immediate focus would have been the emergency coverage on radio.

You forget, it’s not happening in Sydney . . .

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They were at least throwing some breaking news straps on Sky News about the floodings today, perhaps a little late. (I’m in NZ right now so can’t comment on ABC News’ effort)

Still plenty of places where it’s been swallowed up though. Nine’s TV news site has something on it at all but you wouldn’t know it was happening at all if you read their newspaper sites, for instance.