Don’t see the point of 2 match series. 1, 3, 4(not ideal) or 5.


It was removed before this FTP become finalised in June. I believe the 2 cricket boards are trying to add something in (likely T20I) prior to the T20WC in 2020.


Great to see Patterson get his first 100. I see some potential in him. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the future.


Poor Sri Lanka :pensive:


Cricket Australia Kevin Roberts said:

A couple of years ago when we were developing how we wanted to manage the formats going forward, over 80 per cent of the 10,000 fans we surveyed said that they want an expanded Big Bash and they want more day/night test cricket.

So why did some fans’ tastes change?


Cricket Australia have gone completely mad if they think BBL should go into February.


I used to want it in February. I just think I realised it doesn’t work in February for my lifestyle.


It’s hard to please everyone.

I would prefer too much cricket than not enough, as long as the quality doesn’t deteriorate too much.


I think the quality has been the biggest issue this summer. Both with the Australian team and the BBL.

I was always an advocate of another two teams. But there isn’t enough talent.


Yes, there’s been talk amongst the players that the season is a bit long. But I reckon the cricketers have it pretty good compared to AFL and NRL players, where those sports have longer seasons and are more physically demanding, so i don’t think they should be complaining too much.


Australia have declared their 2nd innings at 3/196 upon Khawaja scoring Australia’s 4th century of the Test.

Sri Lanka have been set a near impossible 516 to level the series at 1-1.


The BBL season really should be done by Australia Day (or the following weekend)


I’m craving cricket in November so I just don’t understand why they can’t launch it earlier.


It’s a bit of a dead spot for sport, so I can see your point but the Big Bash only really has kicked off in the past around that Christmas period. A couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after.


I think you can get away with bringing the season earlier rather then pushing it later


I think one year the bbl kicked of in early December while fox had it and crowds were low due to school holidays not being on yet.


People are still too busy and not relaxed enough for it until school holidays/work knock offs for the year and then through January they’re still relaxed.
I can see why people are calling for it but I don’t think it would be successful, especially if it came at the cost of the January games where families are able to actually be able to get to.


I never understand that argument as crowd numbers have been down in late January compared to the earlier games. But I see the arguments.

I would suggest a November start finish on New Years Eve with a New Year’s Eve final


If that was the case we’d never be able to make it to a game, needs at least the second week in January. Perhaps if they can ever decide a date for Australia Day and it’s still in January they could arrange a final for around then.


Its heading the other way- Boxing Day start to end of Feb. Actually moving toward a achedule a lot closer looking to next weekends (Thu N, Fri N, Sat arvo, Sat N, Sun arvo with maybe a Sun night chucked in).