No sugar-coating it- that was a bad loss. I was hoping that the meat of our bowling attack, Mitchell ‘Steak’, could pull it out of the fire once more but not to be. The old batting frailties in English conditions were exposed again and some more work needs to be done ahead of the Ashes.

Let’s all get behind the Kiwis on Sunday. It will be one of the greatest sporting fairytales if they do get over the line. I admire Kane Williamson as a leader; hopefully nice guys can finish first. England are the firm favourites of course.

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Certainly does.

Australia struggles more against the red Duke balls used in Tests over there than the white ball.

Hard to see how they are going to retain the Ashes now, which hasn’t been done there since 2001.

Now that we’re out, go New Zealand.

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Last night was the last time for 4 years until the next World Cup that FTA audiences see Australia playing an ODI match. Hopefully ODI cricket isn’t dead by 2023.


Doubt it’ll happen but it’d be funny to see Nine or Ten pick up some international series which are timezone friendly, especially the ridiculous Indian one next January.


I know the Aussies aren’t playing, but interested to see how this World Cup Final plays out.

NZ surprised me by opting to bat first after winning the toss, given the overcast conditions (though we are expecting a full days play despite some early morning rain in London).

NZs strength is their bowling, I think they needed to get ENG batting first and restrict them to a mediocre total. I don’t think they can effectively out bat ENG by setting a target.

Goodness, this is a cracking finish.

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ENG need 2 off the last ball to win!

This could be a tie!

Scores level on 241 apiece after 50 overs.

It’s going to a Super Over!

Super over!

EVERYTHING has happened, so many twists and turns. And Federer v Djokovic is STILL on as well!

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And that has gone to a super tie break I hear as well!

England have won the 2019 CWC in scintillating fashion! I was flicking when I could during Wimbledon breaks / change of ends. A tied result and super over to boot!! Amazing stuff for New Zealand and the Poms. It did drag on though, from just after 7:30pm-ish aest here, got riveting overnight.

As mentioned in the general “tennis” thead, super lucky both events landed on a night I ain’t working the following day, was magnificent overnight experience to enjoy. Not ideal both were at the same time and equally as thrilling.

But my blood pressure may need to be tested :sweat:


New Zealand being monumentally screwed over by dumb rules reminds me why I stopped watching cricket

Also appalling that the final wasn’t played at the real home of cricket, the MCG :wink:

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Neither side deserved to lose.
But there can only be 1 winner.

Interesting that boundaries were used as the count back mechanism.

NZ lost fewer wickets in making their 241, I would have thought wickets are more important than boundaries.

But we knew these were the rules.

Congratulations to England!

The four overthrows deflection off Stokes were costly in the end for NZ.


MCG hosted the last World Cup Final in 2015… ?

Firmly said tongue in cheek - although as an aside, I really don’t get the hype about Lords as a venue :man_shrugging:

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Exactly. Same for Djokovic and Federer. It’s heartbreaking for the loser.

I have a Lords cricket ball, genuine and authentic. It’s pretty special.

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Yeah I felt this was a bit ridiculous. Wouldn’t have minded England winning after a super over on the basis of being highest qualifier of the two, but to win on boundaries is absurd.

Wickets would have been a better tiebreak.


The controversial wet weather rule application 1992 semi final comes to mind this morning


Some screen grabs of key moments.