Cricket on Radio

Looks to be the ABC team sans Maxwell and the locals as well.


Yeah pretty sure this is the Aussie media contingent.

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ABC Radio Perth will have a full call of the final. It will be available on the ABC listen app and online, via the red cricket button. You can also hear the match on ABC Sport Digital Radio in Perth and Hobart.

Day 1 coverage starts at 12.45pm AEDT, and at 12.55pm AEDT from day 2 onwards.

ABC’s commentary team: Mitch Turner, Murray Goodwin, Kim Hughes, Terry Alderman, Jenny Wallace, Akash Fotedar. Brad Hogg will be guest commentator on Saturday afternoon during session 2.


Any chance for radio to bring the T20 world cup? Not sure if the BBC will do it and ABC sports piggybacks that.

The timezone isn’t great and I am on the fence around getting Amazon prime on.

I am curious to see the crowds in the US. They did play a T20 tournament there be this is different. There is a bit history with US playing Canada. They were playing cricket before baseball and even before the ashes. What could have been? Canadian cricket team in the United States in 1844 - Wikipedia

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Packed out with India/Pakistan etc diaspora.

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Nine’s AFL reporter Tom Morris will be part of SEN’s commentary team for the Australia-India test series this summer. He will be used in a variety of roles including hosting and commentating alongside Gerard Whateley.